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BE Wholesale and Azzurri Form Strategic Partnership

by david.nunes




19 December 2011 – BE Wholesale, the award winning wholesale broadband division of the O2/Telefonica group, has announced a new strategic partnership with Azzurri Communications, the leading UK systems integrator and managed services provider.


The partnership will see Azzurri extend its unified communications and converged network solutions through BE’s extensive network, including new services, such as those dependent on real-time video and voice data.  BE Wholesale in turn will broaden its reach in the corporate market through Azzurri’s extensive enterprise customer base.


BE Wholesale will form an integral part of Azzurri’s new Intelligent Cloud Optimised Network, (ICON) platform delivering best of breed xDSL connectivity backed with robust latency,  jitter & packet loss guarantees, essential to supporting today’s cloud based applications.


BE Wholesale has a reputation for quality and reliability, as evidenced by Ofcom, which has stated that BE Wholesale’s superfast, low–congestion ADSL2+ network offers the fastest DSL connectivity speeds of any wholesale provider in the UK.  With ADSL2+ built from the ground up, BE Wholesale’s network delivers industry-leading up-load and down-load speeds, without the congestion problems typically faced by legacy competitors.


“BE Wholesale is building a formidable reputation in the channel for the quality of its network and service, as well as for the close partner relationships that we build,” said Dan Cunliffe, Head of BE Wholesale.  “We have made a number of partnership announcements recently but working with Azzurri is particularly significant as it gives the enterprise market access to our quality network and services through a strategic partner such as Azzurri.”


Rufus Grig, Chief Technology Officer, Azzurri Communications, said “We looked at a number of fixed network operators to form part of our ICON platform and we believe BE Wholesale can offer very high levels of customer experience and service. “


About BE Wholesale

As owner of its network, BE Wholesale injected much needed choice and innovation into the current wholesale broadband market when it launched at the end of 2010.

Backed by Telefónica, BE Wholesale’s award winning network offers partners an unrivalled level of quality and reliability, with an infrastructure that is built for connectivity and is unconstrained by legacy congestion.

BE  Wholesale is a large nationwide carrier , directly reaching over 70 per cent of mainland businesses through 1300 exchanges, with one of the largest ADSL 2+ and Annex-M enabled networks in the UK.  The company only sells to the Channel and offers partners a choice of two industry-leading solutions, either fully managed or direct.  Be Wholesale is the only company to offer both a fixed price model for unlimited usage as well as a more traditional usage based on the 95th percentile.

For further information call 0203 355 5043 or email contact@bewholesale.co.uk




About Azzurri

Azzurri is the UK’s leading independent provider of managed communications services. We help organisations transform ICT into a strategic asset to support growth, enhance agility and efficiency, boost collaboration and deliver competitive advantage.

Our flexible, integrated communications services encompass IP and mobile telephony, converged networks, unified communications, contact centres and document solutions.


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