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Belron Unifies Social Media Management across Marketing and Customer Care Using Tracx

by david.nunes

Belron Unifies Social Media Management across Marketing and Customer Care Using Tracx

– Company deploys integrated social listening, analytics and engagement with smarter social business management

NEW YORK, June 2, 2015 – Tracx Inc., the leading social business management platform, today announced its collaboration with Belron, the world’s largest dedicated vehicle glass repair and replacement company. Belron uses the Tracx platform to help them effectively unify enterprise social media management across five continents, 21 countries, and 16 languages. Belron has more than 62 global employees using Tracx’s insights to improve collaboration, share best-practices within and across business units, optimize marketing campaigns and customer engagement based upon actionable data, and present a unified brand message to the marketplace.

Switching from a Siloed to Unified Services and Support

Belron needed a solution that would deliver quick, accurate data aggregation and flexible reporting options across geographies and internal departments, as well as derive much deeper, more granular insights into the effectiveness of their own social media activities. In addition, Belron wanted to be able to benchmark share of voice metrics and sentiment against local competitors in each region all within a unified platform.

Felix Billson, Global Social Media Manager at Belron said, “We knew there was valuable insight to be gained from the global social landscape that we operate in, but we had no ability to scale and leverage this intelligence into tangible strategic actions at a local level. We needed a single platform that served all of our listening, analytics and engagement needs and we selected Tracx’s end-to-end enterprise solution. Now we can access the kind of deep insights required to make strategic business decisions to benefit our global customer base.”

The Solution: Bringing Social Media into a Single View

Belron implemented Tracx globally, uniting business units, employees and their accountability. Tracx provided Belron with a unified configuration enabling users to listen, analyze and gain specific insights for each business unit, by location, language and time zone. Belron customer care teams use listening and engagement features to monitor social streams and respond to customers in real time, as well as track and report on their activities. According to Belron, the Tracx solution provides their global regions a first of its kind insight in their business.

Improving Organic Reach and Engagement

Each region has visibility of all activity across owned media accounts across all social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, Instagram, Google+ and many more. Belron can benchmark performance by network, region and campaign enabling them to formulate and deploy effective engagement and advertising plans, from the predictive analytics and insights Tracx provides. Belron now identifies and engages with key opinion leaders across a diverse range of industries, resulting in 15X organic reach and engagement, as well as increased positive brand experience, measured through sentiment.

“Global end-to-end implementation with localized insights is a common theme for Tracx customers,” said Eran Gilad, CEO of Tracx. “We are delighted to work with Belron and help them access local analytics and make them actionable for smarter marketing and engagement and improved customer care.”

About Tracx

Tracx is the leading social business management platform empowering enterprises and brands to create, manage, monetize and optimize social interactions throughout the consumer journey. Born smart, our solution analyzes and refines mass amounts of geographic, demographic and psychographic data from across the social web to deliver deep insights into customers, competitors and influencers. It then makes those insights actionable through its contextually-driven Social Recommendation Engine, enabling smarter interactions that deliver meaningful business results. More than 450 brands worldwide rely on Tracx to identify and target audiences, improve planning, enhance monitoring and effectively engage consumers. Tracx is headquartered in New York City with offices in Tel Aviv and London. For more information, visit www.tracx.com.

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