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Better airflow, integrated cable space – the innovative new APC Netshelter range from DCC

by david.nunes

Better airflow, integrated cable space – the innovative new APC Netshelter range from DCC

 8 March 2012

 APC’s new range of Netshelter network data racks, available from distributor Drive Control Corporation (DCC), have been designed with modern networking needs in mind, with extra width on the sides of the racks to accommodate cables and side airflow ducts to enable more efficient cooling.

Developed in conjunction with Cisco, the new Netshelter range provides superior cooling capability for side airflow Cisco networking switches, and for users of various other brands of switches, this innovative design with extra width negates the need to buy separate slack racks to accommodate cabling, increasing cost effectiveness.

 “Data centres have become increasingly complex over the years, requiring large amounts of cabling that need to be neatly stored to comply with safety regulations. The increasing number of switches also increases the heat, making effective cooling more important than ever,” says Robert Brand, UPS and Infrastructure Product Specialist at DCC. “The new APC Netshelter range caters for these needs, delivering a multipurpose rack that fits all brands, accommodating cabling without retarding airflow and providing superior cooling for the Cisco side airflow switches, delivering maximum performance in a networking environment.”

 Each model measures 750mm wide, incorporating an extra 150mm in width over the previous series. The range is available in three model sizes: the AR3140 stacks 42 units high and is 1070mm deep; the AR3340 stacks 42 units high measuring 1200mm deep; and the AR3347 stacks 48 units high measuring 1200mm deep. The side airflow duct kit contains top and bottom ducts, as well as mounting brackets, foam strips for sealing the intake area and a rear baffle to block hot air from entering switch intake. All racks can carry up to 1.3 tons of static load and ship standard with a five year warranty.

“These server racks are ideal for medium to large enterprises with extensive switching and cabling requirements in their data centres, as well as service providers and network ISPs and other users of high end switches,” Brand adds.

 The new Netshelter range of server racks also slot easily into the APC Infrastructure Solution, a state of the art data centre technology. This modular, customised server room concept lets APC design build an entire server room or data centre to meet the exacting needs of any individual enterprise, creating a dynamic, intelligent networking environment that optimises energy and storage consumption.

The APC Netshelter AR3140, AR3340 and AR3347 are available immediately from distributor Drive Control Corporation.

Drive Control Corporation

Robert Brandt

APC Product Specialist

Tel: 011-2018927

Email: robertb@drivecon.net


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