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BICSI Helps Spearhead Green Rating System for Technology Projects

by david.nunes



Tampa, Fla., October 17, 2011—BICSI, the association supporting the information technology systems (ITS) industry with information, education and knowledge assessment, is pleased to announce its new affiliation as a founding member of The Sustainable Technology Environments ProgramSM (STEP) Foundation, a coalition of technology associations seeking to define sustainability for the broadband and electronics industry.


“Going green” has been a topic of growing importance in recent years. Certification systems have been created for those who follow the green methodology. For example, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) focuses on the shell and core of a building, encouraging “green building” from the start of a project through to and beyond completion. The STEP Foundation is working to complement LEED by adding a rating system for the technology systems that work within the physical building.


Founded by InfoComm International® and CompTIA, STEP has been created by manufacturers, designers, integrators, programmers and the users of technology to guide project and building owners to implement practices that will produce economic benefits to their organization while preserving the planet. It fills the void not addressed by other “green building” rating systems and establishes a position alongside rating systems such as LEED and Energy Star. All associations participating in STEP will be able to promote sustainable practices to their members and their customers.

BICSI is a Sustaining Member of the STEP Foundation—a 501(c)(3) organization—and will have two seats on and be a voting member of its Board. In this capacity, BICSI will be active in the development of the program and will have subject matter experts working on the rating system, accreditation and other facets of STEP.

“BICSI is proud to be a member of The STEP Foundation,” said BICSI President Brian Hansen, RCDD, NTS, CSI.  “‘Green and sustainable’ is the way we should all be thinking—now and in the years to come,  We are eager to help lay the foundation of this program, knowing that it is setting an important precedent for the  ITS industry and our members.”


“The STEP Foundation commends BICSI for taking a leadership role in promoting sustainability in the information technology systems industry,” said Allen Weidman, Executive Director of the STEP Foundation. “BICSI’s involvement advances our goal of buildings being green, not just when the structure is constructed, but when it is occupied and operational.”


The STEP rating system will be a tool for owners and technology providers to plan for and implement sustainable practices in their technology projects. Successful projects will contribute to an organization’s sustainability goals and will be recognized by STEP. In addition, educational programs will be available based on the STEP rating system and documentation provided by The STEP Foundation.


 BICSI is a professional association supporting the information technology systems (ITS) industry. ITS covers the spectrum of voice, data, electronic safety & security, and audio & video technologies. It encompasses the design, integration and installation of pathways, spaces, fiber- and copper-based distribution systems, wireless-based systems and infrastructure that supports the transportation of information and associated signaling between and among communications and information gathering devices.


BICSI provides information, education and knowledge assessment for individuals and companies in the ITS industry. We serve more than 23,000 ITS professionals, including designers, installers and technicians. These individuals provide the fundamental infrastructure for telecommunications, audio/video, life safety and automation systems. Through courses, conferences, publications and professional registration programs, BICSI staff and volunteers assist ITS professionals in delivering critical products and services, and offer opportunities for continual improvement and enhanced professional stature.


Headquartered in Tampa, Florida, USA, BICSI membership spans nearly 100 countries. For more information, visit www.bicsi.org.


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