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BlackBerry News from Mobile World Congress – Day 2

by david.nunes

Global Application Partners Select BlackBerry Platform to Secure Communication, Collaboration and Productivity Solutions for Healthcare

Mobile World Congress 2015, Barcelona – BlackBerry Limited (NASDAQ: BBRY; TSX: BB), a global leader in mobile communications, today announced new BlackBerry partner applications available for BlackBerry 10, iOS and Android devices that are enabling innovative solutions to improve healthcare communications, workflow, and  patient care.

Healthcare organizations require a platform that secures data end-to-end, controlling access to the data in transit and at rest. BES12 is the leading platform for secure mobile communications and cross-platform application management. The BlackBerry platform enables solutions that provide healthcare organizations with the best in security, connectedness, and the exchange of real time data, while ensuring privacy of patient data and supporting a HIPAA compliant environment.

BlackBerry’s ecosystem of trusted partners helps deliver the most secure enterprise solutions for healthcare that impact productivity, efficiency, patient care and cash flow of a healthcare facility. This includes everything from secure access to patient records, reports and diagnostic images from health information systems to the ability to capture and transmit critical patient data to solutions for remotely monitoring patient health. The BlackBerry portfolio of healthcare partners and apps spans several categories in growing markets:

·         Medical Reference and Screening Tools: Atmosphere, ePSS, Foundation Internet, interRAI, Lexicomp, Medscape, Pepid, QxMD Software Inc., Skyscape, Unbound Medicine

·         EMR/HIS/EHR Access: Anoto Live Enterprise, BigHand, CareSocial, CellTrak, Goldcare, Oculys, Philips, Winscribe

·         Secure Communications and Alerts: HipLink Software, Spok

·         Imaging: Claron Technology (acquired by  Lexmark), MphRx

·         mHealth (Telehealth): Maestros Mediline, UST Global

Here is what some of our customers and partners are saying about BlackBerry’s role in healthcare innovation:


CareSocial provides medical planning software and healthcare billing system software for healthcare organizations.

“In the healthcare sector, encrypted real-time data is important for communications. We built our solution on the BlackBerry infrastructure which provides secure access to patient data and also enables cross-platform support,” said Johannes Kersten, CEO, CareSocial. “BlackBerry and CareSocial CloudSolutions enable greater efficiency for healthcare professionals to plan and manage their workload and access the information they need, securely and wherever they are.”

Revera Home Health Using GoldCare MobilityPlus mHealth Solution

GoldCare is a leading provider of healthcare information management software for home and community, children’s services, and long-term care organizations. One of their customers, Revera Home Health, recently deployed a fleet of BlackBerry 10 smartphones pre-loaded with GoldCare’s MobilityPlus mobile healthcare management application, across its homecare division.

“As a healthcare provider, we trust BlackBerry and BES12 to secure our communications and the transfer of sensitive patient data,” said Jo-anne Stone-Burke, National Director, Strategic and Operational Transformation, Revera Home Health. “Mobilizing our field workers with BlackBerry smartphones, equipped with GoldCare’s MobilityPlus mHealth solution, has already been showing a great return on our investment. We’re seeing a decrease in preventable billing errors and reductions in missed visits and missed shifts.”

“We value the collaborative relationship we have with BlackBerry to offer a mobile healthcare management application that operates on the BlackBerry platform,” said Paula Hucko, President, GoldCare. “The MobilityPlus mHealth solution gives care providers the freedom to securely manage appointment, client and program information directly on their BlackBerry smartphones. This improves communication and collaboration between team members, and ultimately results in better quality care for our customers’ clients.”

Railway-Hospital Using Maestros Rhythms 24×7 eUNO Solution

Maestros is a leader in design of diagnostic and patient monitoring devices. Located in India, it offers a remote ECG solution that securely transmits ECG data to medical professionals on their BlackBerry 10 devices. This solution can be deployed across various scenarios including ambulances, community centers, primary health centers, and even individual homes.

“Our eUNO solution is deployed via BES and connects to BlackBerry 10 devices. Because of the BlackBerry platform, we are able to securely and quickly deliver critical patient ECG data to doctors and clinicians,” said Sunil Buva, Business Head, Tele-Health products, Maestros. “This allows us to meet the needs of the emergency cardiac-care segment effectively.”

“Timely and secure delivery of ECG data to our BlackBerry 10 devices has helped us to manage several cardiac emergencies,” said Dr. Madhvan, Senior Cardiologist, Railway Hospital- Bandra, Mumbai. “This solution has resulted in an improved quality of care for our patients.”

MphRx Connect Enables Mobile Medical Imaging

MphRx has created an innovative, patent-pending technology that offers cloud-based access to diagnostic images and reports as well as related patient health information.

“The BlackBerry 10 platform offers the robustness, encryption and multi-tasking support needed for MphRx Connect, a healthcare app offering viewing of radiology images, cardiology echos and lab reports to physicians wanting to access medical records on-the-go,” said Chetan Uberoy, Country Head (India), MphRx. “BlackBerry’s commitment to delivering secure solutions in the BYOD space without compromising flexibility is a timely step and will be a distinct differentiator in the times to come.”

“In the healthcare field, having ready access to reports and x-ray images from anywhere is very important. MphRx Connect running on BlackBerry 10 has been a very useful app for me as it makes images and reports available anytime I need them,” said Dr. Prateek Arora, Senior Consultant, Max Institute of Aesthetic & Reconstructive Surgery.

Chatham-Kent Health Alliance Using Oculys

Oculys is a healthcare technology company that delivers real-time, integrated decision support solutions to community hospitals. They worked with Chatham-Kent Health Alliance, a 200+ bed community hospital located in southwestern Ontario, Canada, to deploy BlackBerry smartphones running the Oculys app to their housekeeping staff to ensure the hospital maintains the highest levels of sanitary standards.

“The Oculys solution running on BlackBerry allows our team to communicate more effectively and enables us to get updates in real-time on which beds are ready and available for patients,” said Sarah Padfield, Chief Operating Officer, Chatham-Kent Health Alliance. “The solution improves our overall efficiency, but more importantly it allows us to provide better patient care. It also reaffirms the role of housekeeping as a critical part of the care team within the hospital.”

“Oculys empowers front-line hospital staff and administrators with real-time mobile decision support tools that provide them with the essential operational data they need. Our partnership with BlackBerry allows us to offer secure and innovative mobile solutions to hospitals such as Chatham-Kent Health Alliance,” said Franck Hivert, President & CEO of Oculys.

Philips Dictation Recorder for BlackBerry 10 Simplifies Workflow

The Philips Dictation Recorder app for BlackBerry 10 enables doctors and medical caregivers to dictate on the go, no matter where they are. Recordings can be professionally edited, assigned priorities and key words for easy categorization.

“The Philips Dictation Recorder app for BlackBerry 10 helps healthcare organizations save costs, speed up document creation and improve patient satisfaction, making it the perfect solution for our customers in the healthcare industry,” said Erik Domaracki, Product Manager, Philips. “The out-of-the-box security of BES12 combined with Philips Dictation Recorder for BlackBerry 10 is the optimal combination for healthcare professionals, simplifying their daily workflow.”

Hiranandani Hospital Chooses BlackBerry and UST Global for Mobile Telemedicine

UST Global, headquartered in Aliso Viejo, California, is a leading provider of end-to-end IT services and solutions for Global 1000 companies. They have developed a mobile telemedicine application on the BlackBerry platform which allows medical professionals, including Hiranandani Hospital, to remotely monitor patient’s health and provide care from a distance. The first deployment is for a telemedicine network which provides services to over 100 peripheral hospitals in India and Africa.

“We wanted to simplify and build a comprehensive telemedicine app which would achieve the main functions of a desktop system, but on a smartphone,” said Dr. Pavan Kumar, Consultant Cardiac Surgeon, Head – Telemedicine Centre, Hiranandani Hospital. “The BlackBerry platform was a perfect match for this ground breaking app in healthcare as it provides BES for world-class security, hardware to match our requirements, and integrates BBM Video for videoconferencing. The Telemedicine app allows teleconsultations, diagnosis and opinion sharing between patients, doctors, specialists and peripheral hospitals, all through the security of the BlackBerry infrastructure.”

“UST Global believes in placing consumer-centricity and innovation at the heart of our solutions to transform lives in the communities that we operate in,” said Gilroy Mathew, General Manager of UST Global. “The mobile Telemedicine application helps to eliminate distance barriers and to improve access to medical specialists that would often not be consistently available in distant rural communities. We built this solution on BlackBerry to ensure the security and privacy of patient data, as well as to allow interoperability with other mobile platforms.”

Winscribe Medical Author Allows Mobile Dictation

Winscribe is a leading provider of software for digital dictation, digital transcription, voice recognition, and workflow management.

“Winscribe Medical Author allows clinicians and other healthcare staff to dictate into their BlackBerry smartphone, securely and easily. The solution allows doctors to spend more time with patients whilst still being able to share information securely between professional collogues electronically. Winscribe fully integrates with existing electronic patient records and health information systems, focusing on improving workflows, reducing turnaround times and most importantly improving patient care. Patients are the heart of everything we do, performance matters and empowering people make the difference,” said Joe DiCarlo, Channel Relationship Manager EMEA of Winscribe.

About BlackBerry

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