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Blackphone’s New PrivatOS Enhances Users’ Privacy While Granting Access To Apps

by david.nunes

Blackphone’s New PrivatOS Enhances Users’ Privacy While Granting Access To Apps

— Major upcoming PrivatOS update will include ‘Spaces’ allowing for multiple self-contained environments on one device

— Blackphone will introduce world’s first privacy-focused app store

— Blackphone CEO Toby Weir-Jones calls the launch a “game changer” for the brand

— PrivatOS1.1 empowers you to take control of your privacy, without the tradeoffs you’re accustomed to

GENEVA, Dec. 9, 2014 – Blackphone has announced the upcoming launch of the biggest update to its customized operating system, PrivatOS, to date. Due in early 2015, this new release of PrivatOS introduces Spaces, which gives users the unique capability to create separate self-contained ‘spaces’ for apps, data and accounts – all on one device.

With most smartphones, separating work and play means compromising either privacy or convenience: either work apps and data live in the same place as personal games and social media apps, or users carry two devices to guarantee privacy and separation. Spaces can separate work life from personal life, a “parents only” space from a kid-friendly one, or any other separation users can dream up – no compromises needed.

A “Silent Space” is featured by default and includes the Silent Suite of apps for encrypted communication, Blackphone app store and a bundle of pre-loaded privacy apps. From there, build additional Spaces as you see fit – for whatever purpose you need – with the Blackphone Security Center and PrivatOS keeping you safe across each one.

The accompanying launch of the Blackphone app store the first one in the world that focuses solely on privacy-focused applications – solidifies Blackphone’s position as a global leader in privacy and security.

Available January 2015, the Blackphone app store features curated apps specifically selected by Blackphone as the most secure privacy-optimized apps on the market. Several pre-loaded apps will be immediately available with the latest PrivatOS update in early 2015.

Speaking about the launch, Toby Weir-Jones, CEO, Blackphone, said:

“The addition of Spaces and the Blackphone app store is the most significant update to PrivatOS since its inception and is a real ‘game changer’ for the brand, further highlighting our commitment to placing privacy back into the hands of the user. We are delighted to have developed the Silent Space,  alongside Graphite Software, who share our core values of privacy and security.”

Commenting on its collaboration with Blackphone, Alec Main, CEO, Graphite Software said: “Blackphone is the only device that places privacy above everything else. The combination of Graphite’s Secure Spaces as part of Blackphone’s PrivatOS gives consumers the ability of a rich app experience and converged corporate device, while staying in control of their personal information.”

Blackphone launched in March 2014 and is the world’s first smartphone built from the ground up to maximize user privacy, putting users privacy before all else. For anyone who wants the power of control over their private information, Blackphone and its security-enhanced operating system, PrivatOS, built on Android™ KitKat, provides users with protection and control over security issues without the usual compromises.

About Blackphone/SGP Technologies SA
SGP Technologies is the manufacturer of Blackphone, the best privacy oriented Android phone for personal and enterprise use. Formed as a joint venture between the internationally recognized secure communications provider, Silent Circle, and award-winning Spanish mobile device manufacturer, Geeksphone, SGP Technologies is based in Geneva, Switzerland, with major operations in Madrid and Washington, DC, Silicon Valley and cities throughout Europe, East Asia, and North America. For more information on Blackphone, please visit https://www.blackphone.ch.

About Graphite Software
Graphite’s Secure Spaces for Android allows users to experience any app and service they want without having to lose control of their personal information. Supporting both personal and managed “Spaces” the potential use cases are limited only by the imagination of the device owner or a curator in the cloud. By enabling multiple Spaces on a single device Graphite Software has redefined the mobile user experience. For more information on Graphite Software, please visit http://www.graphitesoftware.com

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