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Bob Mobile AG positive development in the second quarter – full year outlook confirmed

by david.nunes

Bob Mobile AG positive development in the second quarter – full year outlook confirmed


• Half year revenues increase by 24,5% to 17.3 million Euro.

• Break even EBIT in second quarter even though still investing substantially in 

   the games sector

• Games unit furthermore developing positively and reaching break even on

   monthly bases in the third quarter.

• Sale of Pink Adventure leads to book profit.

• Full year outlook confirmed.


Bob Mobile AG (WKN A0HHJR, ISIN DE000A0HHJR3), 22.08.2011 – The Bob Mobile AG, a leading provider of mobile value added services and online games, has continued the positive trend from the first quarter in the second quarter 2011. The revenue in the second quarter was at 8.7 million Euro approximately 13 percent above last year (7.7 million Euro) and exceeded also the first quarter 2011 (8.6 million Euro). While the Mobile activities showed a slight decline in revenues versus the first quarter due to market changes and seasonal effects, the games activities however were able to more then compensate this decline. From the end of the second quarter the mobile activities picked up their growth path again. The revenue of the full first half year 2011 was at 17.3 million Euro, 24.5% above the first half year 2010 (13.9 million Euro).


Also the operational results developed positively. Even though still heavily investing in marketing and build-up of the Games Unit, the consolidated Group EBIT in the second quarter  was at  0.0 million  Euro break  even, after  a negative EBIT in the first Quarter 2011   

(-0.2 million Euro). In the first half year 2011 the EBIT was at -0.2 million Euro and due to the high increase in investments as well as start-up cost of the Games activities according to plan were lower than the previous first half year EBIT (1.5 million Euro). The EBIT is showing a positive trend. Already in the third quarter the games activities will, based on the current trend reach break even on a monthly bases and add to profits thereafter.


The Games Unit is furthermore developing well. By June 30, 2011 the total number of registrations for the games amounted to 1.8 million, currently this figure is over 2.5 million. Altogether four Online-Browsergames have been launched until now. Especially the first game, „War2Glory“, has by now proven that higher than average returns can be generated in this segment. „War2Glory“ has by now been launched in more then 10 countries. Based on the learnings so far, the game has been further optimized by the developer as well as the team of the Bob Mobile subsidiary Just A Game, leading to even better returns.

The online games „9Empires“ and „Gondal World“ were not able to show a similar success, active marketing of these games has been stopped due to the low returns. While „Gondal World“ has been ceased altogether, „9Empires“ will be further optimized to be able to get a better return from the game in the future. The fourth browser game „Operation Gamma 41“ is after recent improvements showing a very promising development and could in the mid-term even exceed the success of ‘War2Glory’.


In the second half year 2011 the first social games will be launched, contrary to the more complex strategy and build games like eg „War2Glory“, this type of games attracts a broader audience of gameplayers. The Beta testing of „MyFarmland“ – a realistic social online-game simulating the running of a farm – will be launched soon. Further social games are being in preparation.


Also the mobile area shows promising developments. The internationalization strategy is adding to the positive development, by now the mobile services are on offer in 18 countries. The revenues in the second quarter were based on optimizations and lower marketing expenditures were lower than in the previous quarter, but showed by the end of the second quarter a clear growth trend. While the activities in Greece have been further reduced, the expansion into new markets was in focus. The corrections based on balance sheet deferrals and accruals in 2010 lead to a positive effect of the revenues and results (+ 0.4 million Euro) in the first half year of 2011.


The negotiations regarding the sale of Pink Adventure AG have lead to an agreement. The sale of the subsidiary leads to a book profit of minimum 0.2 million Euro, that will be included in the third quarter 2011 results.


Based on the positive developments in the first half year as well as on the first weeks of the third quarter 2011, the executive board of Bob Mobile expects a two digit percentage growth of revenues in 2011, the sale of the subsidiary Pink Adventure leads to a loss of 1.5 million Euro of revenues in the second half year. Also the EBIT is expected to develop positive. Even though the first half year showed a negative EBIT due to the strong invest in the online games segment, the executive board is expecting an operational result at or above the previous years result. Based on the current trend a strong increase in revenues and returns is expected for 2012.


This outlook is based on the assumption that there will be no unexpected negative events of major impact that affect the Group and the assumption that the turbulent developments at the financial markets will not have a negative impact on the operational business.


Please note, the figures of the first half year are preliminary and have not been testified.



About Bob Mobile AG:

Bob Mobile AG is a dynamic holding company focusing at the segments Online and Mobile Games, being based in Straelen, Germany. As leading marketer of mobile value added services, Bob Mobile has established direct-to consumer distribution in several European countries via its subsidiaries. From July 2010 onwards Bob Mobile is changing its focus towards the segment for online games. In 2010 the first freemium multiplayer online game ‘War2Glory’ has been launched. Since then ‘9Empires’ (roleplay) and ‘Operation Gamma 41’ (build&strategy) followed, further games are planned to follow. The subsidiary Just A Game GmbH also processes a successful license unit that internationally sources and distributes licenses. Bob Mobile specializes in selling its products direct to consumer via the internet, mobile internet and TV and cooperates closely with leading internet networks as well

as television broadcasters. The Bob Mobile Group focuses on continueus profitable growth via expansion into new countries as well as via active product and services development.


Contact Bob Mobile AG:

Lucy Tiegelkamp

Paesmühlenweg 8, D-47638 Straelen

Telephone: +49 (0)2834 9429209;

Telefax: +49 (0)2834 46299409;

Email: Investor@bobmobile.com

Internet: www.bobmobile.ag


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