OSLO, NorwayAug. 23, 2010 — Bridge Technologies has introduced a new chassis for the multi award-winning satellite-to-set top box VideoBRIDGE monitoring probes — the EACC, which stands for Enhanced AC Chassis. Designed from the ground up to provide the highest degree of ruggedness and resilience in demanding environments, the new chassis increases redundancy and builds in greater robustness for probes that are remotely deployed in extreme conditions.

The new chassis includes features such as redundant power supplies, front-to-back airflow, six modular and field interchangeable controlled high-speed fans, and high-grade cast alloy metalwork. The chassis is also designed for NEBS compliance and to accept future generations of high-power cards.

“During 2010, Bridge Technologies has launched many new products and enhancements that have further augmented the value of the VideoBRIDGE system to digital media operators,” said Bridge Technologies Chairman Simen K. Frostad. “We have made the system even more comprehensive in its features and capabilities, built in greater resilience and practical usability, and we have brought our traditional attention to design and ergonomics on to a higher level of detail. This new chassis sets the seal on those developments, and provides the VideoBRIDGE system with a fine platform for the next stage of innovation.”

The award-winning VideoBRIDGE series is an advanced industrial platform for converging TV services employing stream-based IP packets. Compatible with all major stream-based industrial standards such as MPEG2, H.264/AVC, and ETSI TR 101 290, the VideoBRIDGE series offers a complete end-to-end system for the continuous quality assurance of a network containing streaming media services.

More information on this and other Bridge Technologies products is available at www.bridgetech.tv or by phone at +47 22 38 51 00.