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Brightfire Expanding in Wake of HubSpot’s New European Operation

by david.nunes

Brightfire Expanding in Wake of HubSpot’s New European Operation

The UK based inbound marketing company set to grow staff by 100%, expand its London operation and focus on new markets

Dublin, Ireland, Glasgow, Scotland and London, UK – 8 March 2013 – Brightfire announced its plans for company growth and recruitment during its keynote at HubSpot’s launch of its EMEA operations. To capitalise on the rapidly growing in-bound marketing industry, Brightfire will recruit initially 20 consultants to expand its London operation and develop European business, particularly in Scandinavia.

Speaking at the HubSpot European launch and featuring Brightfire technology clients Flexiant, Amor Group and Surfray A/S, John Hornell, CEO, Brightfire said,

“HubSpot has transformed the traditional marketing industry to a more intuitive, inbound content-focused industry. Marketing is no longer focused on interruptive outbound tools such as cold calling and advertising, but instead is led through inbound solutions. By establishing a European base, HubSpot will further support our business expansion.”

Brightfire has worked with HubSpot over the last two and a half years as an early entry into the UK inbound content marketing and marketing automation market. This experience with HubSpot has given Brightfire the expertise and strong methodology for identifying key growth markets for customers ahead of their competition.

As in the United States, technology sectors have been early adopters of the inbound marketing approach. Brightfire has been successful in building a portfolio of technology companies across the UK and in Europe. Brightfire focuses on the technology sector where inbound marketing and marketing automation addresses a clear and compelling need – the ability to reach a global audience and to deliver higher quality sales leads at a lower cost.

Hornell continued, “Analysts are now pointing to significant inbound marketing sector growth and we intend to be at the forefront of it. HubSpot grew revenues 82% last year from 2011 to 2012 and we expect to see increasingly strong growth in Europe with its increased commitment to this geography. To meet this demand we need to recruit the best talent.”

Jeetu Mahtani, MD International at HubSpot commented, “Brightfire is an ambitious consulting and services business looking to rapidly scale its business to take advantage of the fast expanding inbound marketing sector in Europe. As a software business our key services partners are critical to customer success.”

About Brightfire

Brightfire is an inbound marketing specialist focussed on technology markets in the UK and Northern Europe. Established in 2004, we provide a range of consulting and delivery services to help our clients improve their online marketing performance based on our inbound marketing methodology, to deliver leads at a lower cost than traditional marketing. For more information visit:


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