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Brightpearl Transforms Multichannel Retail for SMBs by Adding eBay and Magento Support

by david.nunes

Brightpearl Transforms Multichannel Retail for SMBs by Adding eBay and Magento Support


Enhanced offering provides a single view of customers, orders and inventory across multiple sales channels


London, 8 February 2012Brightpearl, a pioneering vendor of cloud-based software for small businesses, announces the addition of powerful new online sales channels to its increasingly broad multichannel arsenal. Businesses can now connect their eBay listings and Magento-based stores with Brightpearl’s easy-to-use platform for CRM, electronic point of sale, accounting, order and inventory management


The announcement comes right on the heels of a recent study by the Gartner Group emphasising that US retailers need to up their multichannel game if they are to survive and grow. 


Salman Malik, CEO of Brightpearl comments, “Our customers operate in highly competitive markets and we think they shouldn’t miss a sale just because of the complexity of managing data across multiple sales channels online or offline. Our integrated approach eliminates that complexity to provide a single view of customers, inventory, prices and sales performance, consolidating multiple sales channels into one flexible but powerful system. Large businesses have built systems like these over the years, but small businesses haven’t been able to afford them or easily implement them. We are changing that.”


Brightpearl’s new multichannel integrations were developed in close contact with its customers. James Marchant, a founder and CEO of Marchant Dice, a distributor of CNC machines and components, comments, “We have used lots of ecommerce systems before Brightpearl and none have managed to completely tie all of aspects of our business together. This new offering means we can finally handle all sales channels from one place and integrate a stock system which was previously impossible.”


Brightpearl plans to add more channels over time. “This is just the start,” Malik continues.  “Our vision is that businesses should be able to sell anywhere they want to – any online marketplace or any shopping cart software – easily and cost-effectively while managing all customer data, orders, inventory, fulfilment and financials in one centralised place. New channels shouldn’t create new headaches on the back end. Using a platform that lets them scale smoothly across all channels – online and offline – is the future for small retail and wholesale businesses.”


To find out more about Brightpearl and the new eBay and Magento sales channels go to www.brightpearl.co.uk/is-it-for-you/multichannel.



About Brightpearl

Brightpearl is a fully integrated, web-based business management software system. It allows you to run all your business processes through one piece of software, so you no longer have to suffer the headache of transferring data between multiple different business systems. All your business’s information is visible in real-time across every department whether it is entered via your website, stock control, accounts or CRM.



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