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BrightStarr Takes Intranet Technology Out-of-the-Box and into the Cloud

by david.nunes

BrightStarr Takes Intranet Technology Out-of-the-Box and into the Cloud

LONDON – 9 September 2014 – British digital solution provider and Microsoft Gold Partner BrightStarr has launched Unily, a revolutionary cloud-based Intranet solution that is set to change the face of digital enterprise solutions.

Delivering greater collaboration and productivity, this new Intranet as a Service which unites the very best of Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint and Yammer to provide a united Intranet solution that will support organisations and grow with them into the future. Unily Intranets are uniquely focused on delivering intuitive user experiences across multiple channels including mobile, capturing the essence of what people really need from a modern Intranet. An attractive user interface belies a wealth of powerful features beneath the surface, with everything from content creation to information consumption being streamlined to set new standards in the way businesses and their employees interact.

Unparalleled in the digital collaboration marketplace, Unily brings an extra level of accessibility through mitigated risk and costs, and rapid deployability for businesses worldwide. Unily Intranets are powered by the Cloud and delivered as Software as a Service (SaaS), complete with extensive support and post deployment consultancy, for which BrightStarr has become renowned. With eight years’ experience in delivering world-class SharePoint solutions, BrightStarr has realised that seamless software integration alongside great accompanying services is what drives user adoption and ultimately delivers return on investment.

“This is the next step in digital solutions for enterprises,” said Will Saville, Co-Founder of BrightStarr. A keynote speaker at the launch event held at the Soho Hotel on 4 September, Will explained to an audience of industry influencers how the Unily product touches on the key Gartner CIO hot topics: Business Value of IT, Emerging Trends & Technologies (Saas) and Social Networking & Collaboration.

“We’ve taken all of our experience and knowledge in the digital workplace arena and built a product that not only incorporates the most commonly asked for features by customers, but gets your business up and running five times quicker. By offering Software as a Service, we aim to deliver long term return on investment driven by support, governance and continuous improvement”.

About BrightStarr

BrightStarr is an award winning, four time Microsoft Gold partner that understands the digital workplace and builds best of class solutions that increase employee productivity, elevate brands and create multi-channel revenue opportunities. BrightStarr’s uniqueness is in the blend of both creative and technical skills that when combined deliver truly extraordinary digital experiences with the perfect balance of form and factor.

Unily (www.unily.com)

Unily is the out-of-the box Intranet as a service built on Microsoft cloud technology that enables clients to take advantage of new collaboration, file sharing and corporate social networking technologies, without investing heavily upfront. Unily is owned and operated by BrightStarr, an award-winning technology consultancy and Microsoft Gold Partner.

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