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Broadband IP: the key to pervasive connectivity

by david.nunes
Ken LatimerIssue:Global-ICT 2003
Article no.:19
Topic:Broadband IP: the key to pervasive connectivity
Author:Ken Latimer
Title:President and CEO
Organisation:Net to Net Technologies Inc
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Pervasive connectivity depends in good part upon the universal availability of affordable broadband Internet access. DSL is the technology used by the majority of broadband providers. Traditionally DSL network access made use of complex, expensive, hard to install and maintain, ATM technology. Nowadays, though, providers tend to use lower cost, simpler, IP technology to deliver broadband both to residential and enterprise clients. IP also simplifies the delivery of the variety of value-add service increasingly needed to guarantee service provider profitability.

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Internet access market must become a utility market before we can have pervasive connectivity. Services must be easy to get, easy to use and available at affordable prices. Broadband services, such as Digital Subscriber Line (DSL), will then be seen and used by the consumer as a utility services much as they see telephone, electricity, water or gas.

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