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Broadband Provider Chooses Siklu’s EtherHaul

by david.nunes

Commercial Broadband Solutions Standardizes on Siklu for Point-to-Point Wireless Ethernet


PETACH TIKVA, Israel, March 20, 2012 — Commercial Broadband Solutions Inc. (CBS), a leased backhaul solutions provider, has selected Siklu’s EtherHaul E-band radio for point-to-point wireless Ethernet connectivity, Siklu announced.


CBS turned to Siklu to solve an urgent need for 100 Mbps links between locations for a healthcare facility customer in southwest Michigan. The customer needed a significant boost in capacity to meet growing bandwidth needs and improve patient care, but its existing wireless infrastructure could not handle the bandwidth or latency requirements of a key patient management software application. In addition, the wireless platform’s hardware limitations caused frequent periods of instability marked by an increase in latency, packet loss and decreased throughput.


CBS worked with MapleNet Wireless, a national leader in wireless communications technologies and a Siklu partner. While CBS initially examined solutions such as leased fiber, cable, and VPN, it ruled these options out due to their high up-front costs and long installation time. Recognizing that a point-to-point wireless connection would offer the quickest solution, CBS and MapleNet chose Siklu’s EtherHaul.


“We realized that CBS’s needs would be best met by a millimeter wave radio that delivers high capacity and is quick and easy to license and set up,” says Gene Crusie, MapleNet’s President. “Siklu’s EtherHaul E-band radio delivered on both the capacity requirements and speedy installation. In addition, it is also priced 80 percent lower than competing radios. None of the other microwave solutions we examined delivered on all three parameters concurrently – capacity, installation speed, and cost.” 


The EtherHaul has delivered consistent latency and throughput from the start for CBS’s healthcare customer, and its adaptive rate capabilities ensure high performance in all weather conditions. With a 1 Gbps capacity well above the initial 100 Mbps requirement, it allows CBS ample room for growth.


Additional benefits were realized by using standard Power over Ethernet (PoE) and CAT5 cabling that lowered installation cost and sped deployment. In addition, the sleek, low-profile design of the Siklu antennas made them more aesthetically pleasing to the end user than other products with a larger antenna form factor.


“CBS is so satisfied with performance, reliability and cost that they have standardized on the Siklu products for all short range last-mile leased circuits,” says CBS Lead Engineer Jason Estep.  “Implementation in additional locations has already started.”


“Siklu is delighted with CBS’s choice and thrilled to keep working with both CBS and MapleNet,” says Ilan Moshe, North America Business Development, Siklu.


Siklu will be showcasing the EtherHaul millimeter wave systems at ISP America 2012, Booth #306, March 26-30 in Orlando.


About MapleNet Wireless

MapleNet Wireless is the single source for wireless connectivity solutions. Located in Elkhart, Indiana, the MapleNet Wireless crews travel throughout the country building towers, deploying microwave backbones and engineering turn-key wireless IP services. MapleNet blends expertise in RF, TCP/IP and construction to offer clients a comprehensive suite of services. The company’s client list includes utilities, education, healthcare, municipal and enterprise customers.  Learn more at http://maplenetwireless.com.


About Commercial Broadband Solutions, Inc.

Commercial Broadband Solutions is a backhaul provider focused primarily on providing high capacity fixed point to point connectivity for Data and Voice traffic. CBS has designed strategic points of presence to interconnect to the various regional fiber metro-networks as well as long haul fiber providers such as US Signal. CBS holds many FCC licensed frequencies in the 6 through 23Ghz spectrum as well as a nation wide spectrum lease in the 38Ghz band for last mile connections at capacities of 1Gbps. Learn more at: http://www.commercialbroadband.net/.


About Siklu

Siklu has been committed to reducing the cost of high capacity wireless backhaul solutions since 2008. The company’s success centers on an innovative silicon-based design of the millimetric wave radio system and components that has resulted in systems priced as low as 20% of competition. The EtherHaul radios deliver Gigabit speeds over the uncongested millimetric wave spectrum and are ideal for urban wireless backhaul of macro, micro and picocells. Serving providers around the world, Siklu Communication is based near Tel Aviv, Israel. Learn more at www.siklu.com



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