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BT and ADVA Optical Networking Showcase the Future of NFV-Enabled Managed Services at SDN & OpenFlow World Congress

by david.nunes

BT and ADVA Optical Networking Showcase the Future of NFV-Enabled Managed Services at SDN & OpenFlow World Congress

ADVA FSP 150 ProVM Plays Pivotal Role in Video-Surveillance Demonstration

Düsseldorf, Germany. October 12, 2015. ADVA Optical Networking today launched a joint demonstration with BT that reveals the future of managed services built upon network functions virtualization (NFV). This demonstration highlights how specific enterprise applications can harness NFV to share resources and dramatically increase efficiency. The demonstration focuses on CCTV-based video surveillance and shows how backhaul-intensive applications such as this are currently limited by the need to centrally process enormous amounts of data. ADVA Optical Networking’s new FSP 150 ProVM, with its built-in server, underlines how these applications can use NFV at the network’s edge to decentralize processes and drastically improve application performance. The video surveillance application is supplied by ADVA Optical Networking’s partner – Alchera Technologies.

“NFV is radically altering the technology landscape. It’s presenting significant opportunities to develop new services and help enterprises take the next step in simplifying their IT operations,” said Peter Willis, chief researcher, data networks, BT. “With ADVA Optical Networking, we’re showing how simple and effective it is to decentralize services and push functionality to the edge of the network. Our video-surveillance demonstration clearly highlights the many efficiencies and enhancements that can be gained. The key to achieving this is the ADVA FSP 150 ProVM. This new technology enables us to add applications directly at the edge of the network in the demarcation device. The potential here is enormous.”

The CCTV-based video surveillance demonstration is a strong example of how the ADVA FSP 150 ProVM can be used to significantly alter the managed services landscape. Traditionally, this application is hosted centrally. However, the ultrafast network connectivity required to carry high-definition video is not always possible in some scenarios when such surveillance is needed most. Decentralizing key functions and placing them at the network’s edge, not only improves the quality and quantity of information available, but also reduces operational and capital costs. What makes this possible is the ADVA FSP 150 ProVM’s unique marrying of hardware and application. By combining hardware-supported performance monitoring of the server and the appliances running on it, ADVA Optical Networking has created a unique carrier-grade NFV platform essential for mission-critical applications. The implications here for the development and deployment of managed services are profound.

“What we’re showcasing here with BT is a new vision for managed services. It marks the first step in a new era of NFV-enabled business opportunities for service providers,” commented Christoph Glingener, CTO, ADVA Optical Networking. “The application we’re focusing upon is one of many that we could have highlighted, especially when you consider the continued progression of the Internet of Things (IoT) and especially the industrial IoT. Consider the opportunities for NFV-focused managed services in the utilities or manufacturing industries. Our FSP 150 ProVM is the enabling factor here. We’ve developed a unique design that tightly connects the application with the hardware. What’s more, it’s completely open. There are no walled gardens. These are the key elements that will drive our technology’s success.” 

The joint demonstration will take place at the SDN & OpenFlow World Congress in ADVA Optical Networking’s booth from October 12 until October 16.

Read these slides for more details on the demonstration: http://www.slideshare.net/ADVAOpticalNetworking/creating-new-business-services-for-the-iot-with-network-functions-virtualization.

Watch ADVA Optical Networking’s latest NFV video for more information on the technology: https://youtu.be/jRHi3484-VY.

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