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BT Collaborates With Cisco To Deliver Online Video Platform

by david.nunes

September 10, 2010 – BT Wholesale has today announced it has chosen Cisco’s award winning Content Delivery System as the ‘backbone’ for its, open online video delivery network – Content Connect – designed to improve the experience of watching and listening to digital content on the web.

The Cisco Content Delivery System (CDS) using medianet technologies enables BT Wholesale to establish broadband as a TV platform. Content Connect will deliver digital content to any computer, TV or mobile device on behalf of UK internet service providers giving broadcasters access to a large end user base – irrespective of service provider or technology.

Many media groups already use content delivery networks but in many cases these services only reach the edge of the ISP network, with the final stage delivered ‘over the top’ with no guarantees on the quality of service. The collaboration with Cisco helps ensure that BT’s next generation Content Connect platform can cache content deep in the broadband network and so deliver it much closer to the end user – avoiding congested areas of the network. This, in turn, enables broadcasters to provide video content – and in the future live TV – with an assured level of service all the way to the viewer, providing uninterrupted access even at peak times. This provides broadcasters with the predictable user experience critical to supporting advertising or pay models.

Simon Orme, BT Wholesale’s Strategy Director of Content Services, said: “Our industry is witnessing a significant growth in content delivery over broadband – driven by the consumption of video services at home, at work and on the move.

“Working with Cisco enables us to offer an efficient, long-term solution and bringing the power of broadband and content together leads to exciting, innovative end user experiences. It will allow all players – including content service providers – to extract more value from content services in the future while pleasing end users.”

Kip Compton, general manager of video & content platforms business unit at Cisco added: “”Because of the variety of content available on the Internet, consumers are now accustomed to choice; they want to access entertainment content, anytime, anywhere. The Cisco Content Delivery System will help BT work more closely with content providers to meet the demands from today’s savvy consumers.”

Based on Cisco CDS, BT Wholesale’s Content Connect service can offer a UK-wide service with quality of service (QoS) assurance and detailed reporting and analytics on how the customers’ content is being consumed. CDS also enables customers using BT Wholesale’s platform to monitor network status, and a broad array of details about the broadband user experience – all available on a single portal-based view. And, security concerns are reduced as content delivery will take place within a private network, avoiding the internet altogether.

BT Wholesale expects to introduce its Content Connect service in early 2011.

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