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BT removes 3500 tonnes CO2 from carbon footprint with SPIE

by david.nunes


Multi-technical services company, SPIE, to complete upgrade works on 23km of BT-owned tunnels in London

London, 8 September 2016 BT has awarded SPIE UK a contract for upgrade works on 23km of its networking tunnels. Enhancements to the underground channels, which carry cabling forming the base of BT’s central communications infrastructure, will save BT approximately £1.5m and remove 3500 tonnes of CO2 from its carbon footprint.

SPIE, the independent European leader in multi-technical services in the areas of energy and communications, was commissioned to work on two projects: Environmental Ventilation & Humidity Control (completed) and Building Management System & Controls (due for completion in 2017). The two assignments, worth a combined £3.3m, have seen SPIE provide BT with cost planning and risk management consultancy alongside design and technical management. As part of the work, the Building Services team has been working alongside its Central Engineering and Design Department to optimise service delivery.

The Building Management System and Controls portion of the contract distinctively requires SPIE to design a bespoke control system to reduce energy, improve the lifecycle of plant and technical equipment and warn of flood potential.

Separately, the Environmental Ventilation & Humidity Control included the installation of a new supply and extraction ventilation system as well as cooling devices with dehumidification equipment to remove condensation and moisture from the air. The upgraded solutions will directly interface with existing fire and control systems.

In 2011 SPIE began its relationship with BT, the nation’s leading communications company, and as a result of the current tunnel works, BT has approached SPIE to undertake a review of its tunnelling system in Edinburgh.

The relationship with BT is an Engineering-led open book arrangement, which was negotiated directly with the organisation. George Adams, SPIE UK’s Director of Energy and Engineering commented: “The BT Tunnel contract and SPIE’s relationship with BT is founded upon innovation and engineering quality, supported by an outstanding project management process. This latest project exemplifies where SPIE can bring value from its technical and management capability to establish a more collaborative client relationship.”



SPIE UK, a subsidiary of SPIE group, the independent European leader in multi-technical services in the areas of energy and communications, provides energy, safety and environmentally focused solutions across multi-technical and support services from initial design, through installation, testing, commissioning to long term maintenance and facilities management. SPIE UK employs more than 3,000 staff from a network of regional offices throughout the UK.

With 38,000 employees working from close to 600 sites in 38 countries, SPIE achieved in 2015 consolidated revenues of €5.3 billion and consolidated EBITA of €351 million.

In its “North-Western Europe” segment, with 9,400 employees working from 130 sites, the SPIE group generated revenues of €1.31 billion in 2015.



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