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Building the Future of ICT – the 21st Century Network

by david.nunes
Matthew BrossIssue:Europe 2004
Article no.:5
Topic:Building the Future of ICT – the 21st Century Network
Author:Matthew Bross
Title:Chief Technology Officer
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About author

Matt Bross is the BT Group’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO). He is responsible for BT’s overall technology and systems strategy and chairs the BT-wide team responsible for directing the company’s 21st century network strategy. Prior to joining BT, Matt served as Senior Vice President, of Emerging Markets, and CTO for Williams Communications. He joined WCG when it acquired Critical Technologies, a company he had co-founded. Critical Technologies focused on large scale, global telecommunications infrastructures with an emphasis on the emerging Internet. Prior to Critical, Matt headed up global engineering for MasterCard International. He is widely regarded as a visionary in the media and telecommunications industries.

Article abstract

A new type of network is being created which will provide the enabling infrastructure to transform networks throughout the world. The network can integrate the many service specific networks currently used into a single converged IP/MPLS network and facilitate the much discussed converged, multimedia world, where customers can access any communications service from any device, anywhere, all at broadband speeds. The network will require a complete transformation of operator service and solution infrastructures, but will deliver increased customer choice and control.

Full Article

To deliver on the vision of a converged, multimedia world empowering customers with innovative services, it will be necessary to radically transform networks and systems, and create the enabling infrastructure for the growth of the telecommunications industry.

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