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Businesses don’t want to migrate accounting to the Cloud, research says

by david.nunes

21 June, 2011

Businesses don’t want to migrate accounting to the Cloud, research says

The migration of accounting applications into a Cloud computing model is being avoided by businesses, according to Quentin Pain, chairman of Accountz. This is the direct result of concerns over security and data ownership.

“Research from the Cloud Industry Forum – the leading lobbyists for the cloud – show that 48 per cent of businesses are already using the Cloud in one form or another. But look closer and you will see that business is simply not willing to migrate accounting applications,” stated Quentin. “Anything financially sensitive remains firmly on the ground!” he added.

“Of the 38 per cent of companies already using the Cloud today, only 20 per cent of them are using it for accounting apps.” added Quentin. “We have listened to our customers on this issue and that’s why we provide them with a secure, desktop solution.”

Key findings:

  • According to the research of the 218 companies that are already using the Cloud only 20 per cent are using it for finance and accounting applications


  • This figure rises to 29 per cent amongst SMBs, falls to 20 per cent in the 20 to 200 employee category and collapses to 15 per cent in larger enterprises


  • Only 10 per cent of public sector organisations are using cloud computing for accounting apps

The research, conducted in the first two months of 2011, polled 450 senior IT and business decision-makers in enterprises, small-to-medium businesses (SMBs) and public sector organisations; as well as 200 respondents from the channel.

“Our customers – which include tens of thousands of businesses are telling us they have anxieties about data security, privacy and data ownership. And guess what, the Cloud Industry Forum’s research tells a similar story: 41 per cent of the participants did not want their data hosted outside Britain and this percentage exceeded 50 per cent for smaller businesses and the public sector,” added Quentin.


About Accountz
Accountz is a UK-based company that specialises in accounting software for the home and business. With 25 years experience in developing award winning accounting solutions that are powerful and easy to use, Accountz has a unique product portfolio that is driven by simplicity and speed.

Accountz software can be downloaded online or run straight out of the box and is compatible with Mac, Linux and Windows computers.

For home users, Home Accountz is ideal for managing household accounts and controlling personal finances in a straightforward way. The Business Accountz range consists of basic, professional and enterprise varieties, suitable for effortlessly handling the accounts for businesses of all types and sizes.

The company offers frequent training services to help familiarise customers with the Accountz software packages and is renowned for its outstanding customer support.

For more information, go to www.accountz.com <http://www.accountz.com>  


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