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Businesses missing opportunity to streamline Desktop Transformation, says Centrix Software

by david.nunes

Businesses missing opportunity to streamline Desktop Transformation, says Centrix Software

Poll by Centrix Software at IPEXPO shows over half of organisations heading into a Windows 7, application virtualisation or desktop virtualisation project are doing so without deep knowledge of their desktop estate


Newbury, UK – 14th November 2011 – Centrix Software today released findings from a survey on desktop transformation conducted at IPEXPO that indicates that many businesses embarking on a desktop change project do not have a clear view of their desktop estate or how assets are being used. Over half of the respondents polled were not using any form of inventory or analytics to assess their environments in preparation for transformation. Of those using an inventory tool, 47% believed said they could not obtain information on asset usage that is essential for successful desktop transformation planning.

Additional findings from the survey of 111 IT professionals at the UK IT event include:

• Over 65 per cent of respondents had some form of desktop transformation project planned
• The majority of projects (86 per cent) involved migrating to Windows 7
• A large percentage included the use of client-side virtualisation, with 61 per cent of desktop transformation projects involving plans to virtualise desktops and over half involving application virtualisation
• Over half of those planning for desktop transformation said their projects are not involving a hardware refresh.

Commenting on the findings, Richard Pegden, director of product marketing at Centrix Software, said, “the results of this poll confirm that planning for Windows 7 is a top agenda item for IT professionals. It also shows that many organisations see the move to a new OS as a good opportunity to introduce client-side virtualisation technologies. With the majority of respondents not including the use of inventory tools in their project planning, it’s likely that they are not analysing asset usage either and therefore do not have a detailed picture of their end-user environment.

“There is a tremendous opportunity for IT to significantly streamline and accelerate desktop transformation projects through a detailed understanding of application, device and content usage. Knowing what you have in place and how assets are being used enables project teams to make quicker, more informed decisions about technology selection, application testing and user requirements. Having deep user insight will also dramatically reduce risk around desktop transformation projects. Desktop teams can identify where rationalisation can deliver cost savings and combat asset sprawl. End-user computing analytics solutions can deliver this intelligence very quickly and drive these benefits immediately into desktop transformation projects. By shifting their focus to the end-user, organisations can significantly reduce the cost and time involved in designing and deploying a new desktop environment.”

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