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Businesses Urged to Switch to VoIP After BT Price Hike

by david.nunes

Businesses Urged to Switch to VoIP After BT Price Hike


Following BT’s significant rise in phone call charges, a telecommunications expert says this move will accentuate the major cost benefits and operational advantages of businesses switching to VoIP systems.

From 3rd December, BT customer will see a five per cent rise in call charges, meaning UK landline calls will go up from 7.6 pence a minute to 7.95 pence a minute.

According to Alan Thorpe-Downey, Managing Director of Storm – The Internet Phone Company, in sharp contrast, VoIP call rates start from just one penny per minute to local and national numbers, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The ultra-low cost of VoIP systems delivers further financial advantages, as there is no need for expensive BT line rental.

“With BT’s latest price hike, there’s never been a better time for businesses to switch to VoIP systems. Our call rates start at 1 penny a minute, and there’s no need to pay line rental. Instead you pay just £5 per month per user, which also includes 100 free minutes each month,” said Alan.

“What’s more, the operational benefits of VoIP systems are considerable,” added Alan.

Traditional phone lines mean you can only make or receive one call per line. With VoIP systems, you can have up to 26 simultaneous calls using one high-speed broadband line, and eight simultaneous calls per standard line.

This also means you do not have to wait for a line to become free to make outgoing calls, and you can answer more inbound calls.

Call distribution and call forwarding are other valuable feature of VoIP. They enable inbound calls to be routed to either a single or multiple locations, or an alternative mobile or landline.

Also, calls between extensions means all internal calls on your switchboards are free, whether you are calling a mobile extension, home worker or an additional site.

“VoIP also scores heavily over traditional phone lines in that there are no maintenance costs, while self-installation is free and simple, and if you move premises there are no high costs involved because you can simply take your phones with you,” said Alan.

In addition to these traditional VoIP features Storm also offers additional benefits, including call queuing, auto attendant, call recording and disaster recovery.

For more information on VoIP systems for your business, call Storm – The Internet Phone Company on 0844 441 4444, or visit: www.stormtele.com



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