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Bytemobile: Tablets Drive 3x More Mobile Data Traffic, 160% More Mobile Web Usage per Session than Smartphones

by david.nunes

Bytemobile: Tablets Drive 3x More Mobile Data Traffic, 160% More Mobile Web Usage per Session than Smartphones

Bytemobile’s New Mobile Analytics Report Gives Operators Insight for Managing and Monetising Increasing Volumes of Traffic

Santa Clara, Calif., May 15, 2012, Bytemobile, Inc., the industry leader in video optimisation and Smart Capacity™ solutions for mobile network operators, today published its quarterly Mobile Analytics Report for May 2012. Now in its third year, the Mobile Analytics Report provides insight into subscriber behaviour and related factors that determine quality of experience (QoE) for mobile data services today. The intent is to give operators real-world use cases for measuring, managing and monetising mobile data through QoE.

The new report shows the potential impact of tablet usage on operator networks as adoption by both consumers and business users accelerates. Forrester Research estimates that one-third of U.S. adults will own a tablet by 2016, with penetration reaching 112 million. The Mobile Analytics Report reveals that on average, operators process 3x more data volume on their networks for tablets than for smartphones. Apple iPad subscribers browse 33 web pages per session, generating 160% more data than the browsing of iPhone subscribers.

The report also highlights how faster networks can drive increased revenues as users immediately begin consuming higher-quality video content. On average, a network with a bit rate of 300Kbps delivers 74% of requested videos at 240p resolution. A network with a bit rate of 600Kbps delivers 66% of requested videos at 380p and 480p resolution.

Another finding is that the majority of videos traversing mobile networks are requested by multiple subscribers. On average, over 50% of all videos are requested and served multiple times. Approximately 16% of videos are requested more than 100 times over the same mobile network. During peak traffic periods, repeat requests for videos increase from 31% to 50%. This data points to the potential value that caching solutions can deliver to subscriber QoE by improving network efficiency in processing video traffic.

Traffic and the User Experience
“Our latest Mobile Analytics Report further validates the need for mobile network operators to take a proactive approach to measuring and managing escalating data traffic,” said Chris Koopmans, chief operating officer, Bytemobile. “This particular report highlights the repetitive nature of video streaming – with over 50% of video requests during peak hours being repeat requests for the same videos. Our data demonstrates the advantages of optimisation techniques such as proactively caching popular videos within the network, which enables operators to stay ahead of subscriber demand and deliver a superior user experience to all customers.”

The findings in the Mobile Analytics Report are generated from Mobile Analytics, Bytemobile’s mobile data traffic reporting solution. The report anonymously sources data traffic statistics from the 3G and 4G networks of Bytemobile’s global tier-one customer base and provides insight into the current state of the mobile ecosystem. Its findings have been cited widely by industry market research firms and the media.

Bytemobile – Smart Capacity at the Core™
Bytemobile® Smart Capacity™ platforms enable mobile operators to deliver the best possible experience to their subscribers under all network conditions and to differentiate their services based on subscriber usage. The company’s solutions have been deployed in the mobile networks of more than 130 operators worldwide to manage escalating demand for capacity due to video and other rich multimedia content and applications. With Smart Capacity, mobile operators can improve utilization of existing capacity and control operating expenses, while increasing revenue growth and profitability. Bytemobile is the industry leader in video optimization with 50 operators under contract. To learn more, visit www.bytemobile.com.

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