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Calix Expands Compass Software Suite with Consumer Connect

by david.nunes

Calix Expands Compass Software Suite with Consumer Connect

Application extends access network into the home, enabling new services and simplifying operations

PETALUMA, CAJuly 18, 2012Calix, Inc. (NYSE: CALX) today announced the expansion of the Compass suite of software solutions with the addition of Consumer Connect, a cloud-based, software-as-a-service (SaaS) application that virtually extends the access network beyond the traditional demarcation point and all the way to consumer devices. Armed with this expanded visibility and reach, Consumer Connect allows communication service providers to leverage and strengthen their broadband connections in entirely new ways – from offering new information technology services to subscribers, to greatly simplifying the basic service-delivery operations that lead to increased levels of customer satisfaction.

“Having a strong presence in the homes of our subscribers is a key initiative in the transformation of our business,” said Brooks Goodall, operations manager at Reservation Telephone Cooperative (RTC) in Parshall, ND. “We have already deployed Compass Flow Analyze in our network, and have greatly benefitted from the deeper understanding we now have of the applications traversing our network and how our customers utilize their broadband connections. Now with Consumer Connect, we will have a natural complement to Flow Analyze that takes us to the next level, allowing us to extend our network visibility and our services opportunity all the way to the subscriber device. The Compass suite of applications is providing us with the right tools to better understand our customers and their broadband behaviors, and find new and compelling ways to serve them.”

Increased broadband competition, a business model shift brought on by the empowerment of the consumer, and a changing regulatory environment has left service providers searching for ways to efficiently leverage their access network to offer the services consumers need. Concurrently, the proliferation of broadband devices has created new service opportunities in the home, as management of the subscriber device connectivity has become both increasingly complex and highly valued by consumers. Consumer Connect turns opportunity into reality by providing a cloud-based service that allows service providers to cost effectively become the virtual IT technician to the consumer – providing outstanding customer service while offering the potential for new value-added services.

“The proliferation of broadband-capable devices, the shift of content to the cloud, and the ever-increasing demands of the consumer have pushed the edge of the access network from the last mile all the way to the broadband device that is literally at the consumer’s fingertips,” said Miguel Alonso, vice president of software products at Calix. “Through Consumer Connect and the Compass applications suite, we are enabling service providers to turn this network transformation challenge into an opportunity to transform the competitive dynamics of our industry. In the near term, these applications can immediately drive costs out of the network and increase customer satisfaction through vastly improved network and device visibility and remote access. Over time, they lay the foundation for a host of new and targeted service opportunities tailored to the needs of the consumer – from advanced network and device security services to full-blown consumer IT management.”

Consumer Connect can be deployed in conjunction with any access protocol across both fiber and copper networks. Similar to Flow Analyze, the first application in the Compass software suite, Consumer Connect is supported across the Calix Unified Access portfolio and can also provide device and service management benefits to access networks not served by Calix systems.  For more details on Consumer Connect, visit http://www.calix.com/compass/.

About Calix
Calix (NYSE: CALX) is a global leader in access innovation. Its Unified Access portfolio of broadband communications access systems and software enables communications service providers worldwide to transform their networks and become the broadband provider of choice to their subscribers. For more information, visit the Calix website at www.calix.com.

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