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Call Trunk rolls out Dropbox and US Skype recording

by david.nunes

Call Trunk rolls out Dropbox integration and US Skype recording to make voice conversations as simple to recall as email

Call Trunk rolls out two new services to help recall voice conversations from landline, mobile or Skype calls

December 15th 2012 – London – Call Trunk, the world’s firstcloud-powered anyphone-anywhere call recording service, is launching two new services in their drive to make voice conversations as easy to recall as written ones.

1. Global Dropbox integration

Call Trunk is launching a new service that allows users to access recordings of their calls from mobiles, landlines or Skype, through their Dropbox account, making it simple to remember details of what was said in important calls, whereverthey were made or wherever you are when you want to review them.

Users can now synchronize specific recordings with Dropbox or automatically copy all recordings across. Any written annotations on recordings are also transferred, making it easy to find specific phone conversations on Dropbox.

The global launch is the latest in a series of developments for cloud services from Call Trunk and follows its integration with Evernote, box and SugarCRM.

For further information or to sign up, please visit:

Website address: http://trun.kr/sRPsm7  

2. Free US beta sign-up to Call Trunk for Skype. This new service captures and stores Skype recordings in the cloud.

Call Trunk is launching a new free beta service for US Skype users, allowing people tocapture and store their Skype voice conversations in the cloud for easy access.

The new service requires no downloads, installations or plug-ins. Users simply add the Call Trunk Robot to their contact list and bring it into a Skype call, in exactly the same way that they would add another caller. The Robot then takes care of the rest – recording the call and then sending it to be stored in the user’s private and secure online ‘Trunk’.

Skype recordings can be accessed from any internet-connected device (for example,through web browsers or Call Trunk’s iPhone app) and the conversation will be found alongside all other Call Trunk-captured calls, whether they are made from mobile phones, office or home landline phones.

The US launch follows a successful beta trial in the UK, which launched on 28th November. It is free to use until January 31 2012. From then on, it will be $5 per month for unlimited recording and storing of Skype calls. Anyone signing up to additional Call Trunk monthly plans will also receive additional Skype credit.

For further information, or to sign up to the US Skype free beta trial, please visit:

Website address: trun.kr/vhBLnN2

Making the spoken words as tangible as written words for everyone

Paul Murphy, co-founder of Call Trunk comments “In the past, only large organizations could afford sophisticated call recording technology. Today, the launch of our Dropbox integration and US Skype service are two more steps towards creating a more accessible and disruptive technology that will make the spoken word astangible as written words, for all. It’s call recording for the 99 per cent.”


Call Trunk is an independent, privately held company, head quartered in London with offices in Dallas, TX and Montreal, Canada. Call Trunk launched the world’s first cloud-powered anyphone-anywhere call recording service in 2010 and have since established a track record for innovating inthis sector. Previously, it has launched a range of features including smartphone apps, a cloud-based call transcription service and an ‘On Demand’ service, allowing users to use their phone as a cloud-connected voice recording device.


Please note, after an initial free trial, pricing varies according to which country calls are made. For further information, please visit www.calltrunk.com and select your country.

Thelegal requirements for notification of recording your own calls:

Call recording is legal all over the world. The specific requirements for notification vary from country to country and state to state. For example, US Federal law, English law, Canadian law and the law in most US States require one party notification.

A useful guide is here:








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