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Cambridge Wireless is discussing ‘Sensing from Radio’

by david.nunes

CAMBRIDGE, UK – 2nd September 2010 – Cambridge Wireless announced today the latest presentation from the Joint Short Range Wireless and Wireless Sensing Special Interest Group taking place on 29th September 2010 at Murray Edwards College, University of Cambridge.

For more information, please visit www.cambridgewireless.co.uk/events

Wireless systems have been an invaluable part of sensing and telemetry. However, the radio system itself can be used for sensing and measuring things like location, medical phenomena, even the weather. This event will present a range of topics where wireless itself provides the transduction, and possibly the data carrier too. Topics will range from ultrawideband, spectrum monitoring, THz devices and CMOS and the latest Ofcom study results into wireless devices and much more.

Steve Edwards from Rohde & Schwarz, the sponsors for this event has this to say, “We value the opportunity to take part in events such as these as the collective expertise can often provide valuable insight and ideas that may contribute to future product development.”

This event is an arena to discuss the latest developments surrounding this topic with the crème de le crème of the industry with the opportunity to debate the potential new avenues of development in the usability of radio.

Dr Soraya Jones, CEO of Cambridge Wireless says “This forum will open up the debate on the future business opportunities surrounding this field, tackling the core issues and providing a clear path for future commercial development.”

Confirmed speakers include; Dr Andy Ward, Chief Technology Officer, Ubisense Ltd, Stirling Essex, Director of Business Development from CRFS, Dr Lorenzo Tripodi, Philips Research, Dr Steve Methley, Quotient Associates Ltd, Dirk Trossen, University of Cambridge and Eiman Kanjo of Cambridge Mobile Sensing.

This SIG is championed by Tim Whittaker of Cambridge Consultants, Peter George of Anritsu and Antony Rix of TTP from the Short Range Wireless SIG and Rob Blake of Philips Research UK, Dirk Trossen, University of Cambridge, Eiman Kanjo of Cambridge Mobile Sensing and Simon Loe of Alcatel Lucent of from the Sensing SIG.

Cambridge Wireless is also delighted to have Rohde and Schwarz support in sponsoring this event.

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