CAMBRIDGE, UK – 5th October 2010 – Cambridge Wireless announced today the latest presentation from the Digital Communications KTN (DCKTN) and Future Wide Area Wireless Special Interest Group taking place on 9th November 2010 at Moller Centre, Cambridge. For more information, please visit

This is the third instalment in this hugely popular series and this edition will focus on the competitive advantage to be found in a range of network topologies with seven analytical presentations over the course of the day featuring topics ranging from low earth orbit satellite networks to greener energy networks and super utility networks.

This meeting will analyse the convergence that is taking place between wireless and wireline networks at technology level both at the edge and the core, the implications this has for network bandwidth delivery cost and efficiency, the impact this is having on industry business models and how network convergence can deliver long term competitive advantage to the UK.

Geoff Varrall, RTT Programmes and SIG Champion for this event has this to say, “We believe this final instalment of these three linked events will provide a comprehensive road map to all economic models, both current and those for the future.”

The day will provide attendees with the chance to hear from the leading experts in the field culminating in a panel discussion interspersed with ample time to network. The previous events in this series have been hugely popular, so booking is strongly recommended.

Stuart Revell Chairman, DCKTN Wireless Technology & Spectrum Working Group says “This instalment, in this terrific series, completes the aim of providing UK organisations with the tools necessary to gain a ‘real’ long term competitive advantage for the future.”

Confirmed speakers include; Dan Mercer of Iridium, Andrew Bell from Huawei, Paul Wallace from Oracle, Paul Green of Arkessa, Franck Chevalier from Analysys Mason, Olivier Andre of Alcatel Lucent and Tim Summers from Freescale.

This SIG is championed by Geoff Varrall of RTT Programmes, Stirling Essex of CRFS and Graham Maile of Plextek, in partnership with Digital Communications KTN.

To be able to attend this event for free you’ll need to be registered as a DCKTN member. Please note membership of DCKTN is free, The previous events in this series have been hugely popular, if you are interested in attending, sign up now at