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CARTES, Paris: COMPRION sets the standard for a new generation of SIM spy tools

by david.nunes

Paderborn, Germany – December 2010
The MiniMove responds to the testing needs of card
and handset manufacturers, application developers
and network operators for a very small, USB powered
quality trace tool which helps to ensure interoperability
between the individual components involved
with the (U)SIM interface. MiniMove detects
communication errors between handsets and Smart
Cards and analyses them accordingly.

With dimensions of only 82 x 116 x 31 mm and a
weight of only 310 grams, MiniMove is smaller than
most of the spy tools existing today. As the tool requires
little energy, the tracer can be powered by the
PC via USB. Thus, the freedom and flexibility to test
anytime, anywhere has never been higher, making
MiniMove the ultimate tool for testing in the field, development
testing in the lab, technical support tasks
and interoperability testing for quality assurance.
Despite its small size, it is packed with high quality
features that the user expects from COMPRION tools.
MiniMove offers the familiar powerful monitoring capability
of COMPRION on all defined Smart Card interfaces:
ISO/IEC 7816, SWP/HCI and IC-USB. As with
other COMPRION tools, the recorded bytes are translated
into comprehensive content and are displayed in
a user-friendly way.
“With its size and its USB powered design, our Mini-
Move defines a new standard for ISO, SWP/HCI and ICUSB
monitoring. The tool stands for COMPRION quality
at an attractive price.” states Michael Jahnich, responsible
Product Manager at COMPRION.

COMPRION GmbH is the global leading
manufacturer of comprehensive standard
test equipment for Smart Card interfaces
with more than 15 years experience in Smart
Card technology. COMPRION develops,
manufactures and markets test and measurement
equipment for Smart Card Vendors,
Smart Card Issuers and Terminal Manufacturers
across various market sectors and

Kathleen Loeser
Marketing Manager
Tel: +49-5251-699 86 67
Fax: +49-5251-699 86 99
E-Mail: Kloeser@comprion.com

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