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Hong Kong, 5 May 2011 – Twenty years ago on 28 May 1991, regional multichannel TV industry group CASBAA was founded. To commemorate this landmark occasion, CASBAA will kick off its 20th Anniversary celebrations with a “Members Only” birthday party on Monday, 23 May in Singapore.

Meanwhile, Asia’s pay-TV sector continues to wrestle with the challenges in this new digital world which are redefining global pay-TV business models, and the parallel need to fully digitize the region’s 360 million subscription TV households.

“We are extremely proud to mark our 20th Anniversary,” said Marcel Fenez, Chairman, CASBAA. “From tiny beginnings in early 1991 when there were few business plans, no cable TV platforms nor mature satellite TV systems, Asia’s pay-TV market is now a US$40 billion business serving more than 3.5 billion people.”

From its inception as a networking group, CASBAA has emerged as the pre-eminent industry body representing the interests of 130 corporations across 16 markets and more than 360 million households across Asia.

Over the past 20 years, Asia’s communications industry, its media market and its economic drivers have been revolutionized by the launch of thousands of pay-TV channels and platforms. On-line and internet-based distribution of content through connected media, mobility and highly interactive premium TV has enhanced traditional cable and satellite TV services.

Through it all, CASBAA has been there all along as a collective voice for change and orderly industry development.

“Today CASBAA is about far more than multichannel TV. Its Members deliver video in multiple formats to all corners of people’s lives and impact entire business communities with the promotion of multichannel advertising via the Asian Television Advertising Coalition (ATAC), through CSR campaigns, through the dissemination of industry news and as a repository for every type of industry data from government regulations to talent development,” said Fenez. “With two decades of experience, CASBAA is truly the industry spokesperson and a key trade resource.”

CASBAA has remained true to its mission to “Inform, Represent & Connect” its Members, governments and the community at large through publications, forums, networking and lobbying.

In addition to the regional hubs of Hong Kong and Singapore, the United States and Europe, CASBAA represents its Members in markets as diverse as Australia, India, Pakistan, Thailand, Taiwan, the Philippines, Vietnam, Korea, Papua New Guinea and Malaysia, while encompassing the needs of Asia’s leading platform operators, telcos, satellite operators and providers of technology and services and every regional and national multichannel broadcaster of note.

As part of its 20th Anniversary programme CASBAA has lined-up a number of immediate objectives:

1. To keep Members connected to CASBAA everywhere, all the time, a new mobile site will be launched shortly to provide industry updates optimized for hand-held devices.

2. Further reinforcing the Association’s commitment to “digital in all its forms”, CASBAA recently launched the Connected Media & Mobility Group (CMMG) providing significant support for the “Digital Matters” conference scheduled 24-25 May in Singapore.

3. The CASBAA Convention 2011 theme will soon be announced to reflect new viewing experiences available “anywhere . . . anytime”. Running from 31 October-3 November in Hong Kong, the Convention 2011 will include a compelling program which will explore today’s market drivers and define the industry future.

4. On 23 May in Singapore and 28 July in Hong Kong, CASBAA Members past and present will be invited to join CASBAA for two “Birthday Bashes” as part of the dynamic CASBAA Mixer series, providing perfect settings for networking.

5. The creation of a new CASBAA industry training program for new graduates, with initial funding from the China Great Wall Industry Corporation, will further develop Asia’s pay-TV industry leadership.

6. Finally, a newly formed “CASBAA Advisory Group” has been created to ensure that the Association retains access to the experience and collective wisdom of industry executives who have previously served in the Asia Pacific and championed CASBAA to great effect.

“We have seen incredible changes in the last 20 years but one thing remains the same – CASBAA will always be THE voice for multichannel TV in Asia,” added Fenez.


About CASBAAwww.casbaa.com

First established in 1991, CASBAA is the Association for digital multichannel TV, content, platforms, advertising and video delivery across Asia for the past two decades. Spanning 16 geographic markets, CASBAA and its Members reach over 360 million pay-TV homes through a footprint ranging from China to Australasia, Japan to Pakistan. The CASBAA mission is to promote the growth of pay-TV and video content through industry information, networking exchanges and events while promoting global best practices. To view the full list of CASBAA members please visit here.

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For enquiries, please contact:

Desmond Chung, PR & Communications Manager, CASBAA

Tel: +852 3929-1712

Email: [email protected]

Adela Chen, Director, Marketing & Communications, CASBAA

Tel: +852 3929-1711

Email: [email protected]

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