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Theme: Message to the World – the voyage from SMS to Twitter

Messaging has changed the way the masses communicate. In fact, it added another way for us to communicate, one that youth often prefer. It is laconic, silent, not intrusive and will be right there when you are ready. Messaging has grown to encompass both worlds of Data and Voice. Platforms that can manage both IP based web applications as well as Telco Voicemail applications are deployed by both ISPs and telcos. Many websites use SMS for communicating with users and between users, bringing the web closer to being interactive and real-time with quick ‘sound-bites’. Now Twitter has re-invented messaging, adding circles of social networking around the basic concept of ‘text-bites’, and YouTube’s popularity shows that ‘Video-bite’ is enormous role to play. Messaging business continues to grow. Where else will Messaging go from here?

Unifying the Digital Lifestyle

Issue: Asia-Pacific I 2012 Article no.: 12 Topic: Unifying the Digital Lifestyle Author: Dan Ford Title: Vice President, Product Marketing Organisation: Oracle Communications PDF size: 348KB About author Dan Ford is the Vice...

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The Unification of 160 to 140

Issue: Asia-Pacific I 2012 Article no.: 6 Topic: The Unification of 160 to 140 Author: Kim Hartlev Title: Chief Technical Officer Organisation: Synchronica plc PDF size: 327KB About author Kim Hartlev is the CTO of Synchronica...

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