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Theme: Network Virtualization & SDN Latin America

According to the SNS Research, NFV and SDN models will eliminate the need for investment of about $32 billion in physical networks by 2020. The company also predicts the worldwide market for NFV grow from $ 181 million in 2013 to $ 2.4 billion in 2018. The virtualization of services restricts chronic and unsustainable growth in network infrastructure and protects the future economic viability of telcos, so the models NFV and SDN is a strategy to address what many experts see as one of the biggest challenges that the industry faces today.

Beyond the domestic market

Issue: Latin America 2015 Article no.: 12 Topic: Beyond the domestic market Author: Mariano Sanchez Title: VP of Sales Organisation: Globenet PDF size: 234KB About author Mr. Mariano Sanchez – Vice President of Sales. With...

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