CBNL Collaborates with Global Technology Provider to Extend its Fibre-rich Network Solutions to Businesses in South America

24th July, Buenos Aires, ArgentinaCambridge Broadband Networks (CBNL) has today announced an agreement with global technology provider, CenturyLink, to extend the reach of the network service provider’s fibre-rich world-wide footprint and to make their robust portfolio of network services and managed solutions available to businesses across South America. CBNL is deploying a carrier-grade, 10.5GHz, Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) network to provide last-mile connectivity for CenturyLink’s core network, serving hundreds of businesses in Peru, Argentina, Ecuador and Venezuela.

CenturyLink has one of the world’s most powerful networks with approximately 450,000 miles of fibre deployed globally and more than 150,000 fibre-enabled on-net buildings. The service provider has previously used point-to-point (PTP) fixed wireless links to bring additional customer on-net. CBNL is replacing this PTP architecture, which is expensive to scale and maintain, with its powerful and cost-effective point-to-multipoint (PMP) FWA infrastructure using high-capacity millimetre wave (mmWave) spectrum.

Andrés Cáceres, Director of Network Engineering and Architecture, CenturyLink, said: “CBNL’s mmWave FWA solution will extend the reach of our existing network even further to enable additional new customers to connect to our services. CBNL’s PMP architecture has allowed us to streamline the network and minimise its visual impact by freeing up space on saturated city towers. This boosts our efficiency, enabling us to reduce costs and overall power consumption.”

CBNL has a deep and established relationship with CenturyLink and has been deploying its award-winning VectaStar platform on projects since 2012. Ideally suited for providing wide-area connectivity up to 20km in range, VectaStar provides commercially-viable last-mile connectivity across vastly different landscapes and terrains, from the mountainous regions in Peru to the Pampas of Argentina. This latest agreement will build on the initial deployments and extend the network to cities in Peru and Ecuador.

Adrian Miguel, Regional Manager, Latin America, CBNL, said: “Increasing demand for high-performing and quick-to-deploy connectivity is at the heart of our ongoing relationship with CenturyLink. As global demand increases for flexible and robust connectivity solutions that can quickly scale to meet customer demands, mmWave FWA will continue to demonstrate its aptitude for quick-to-deploy cost-effective enterprise access at the last-mile in a digitally transforming world.”

About Cambridge Broadband Networks (CBNL):

Cambridge Broadband Networks (CBNL) is the market leader in millimetre wave Fixed Wireless Access solutions. CBNL has led the industry through its early commercialization of 5G spectrum, deploying over 25 5G Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) networks in the U.S. alone (utilizing 28GHz – 39GHz). In total, the company has built networks for over 100 service providers in more than 50 countries, including for nine of the world’s largest top fifteen mobile carriers. In addition to FWA, CBNL has deployed wide-scale backhaul, surveillance and smart city networks to meet a diverse range of demands in the developing and developed world. CBNL’s R&D labs are now leveraging their unique capabilities to develop the next generation of ultra-efficient PMP millimetre wave solutions and continuing to deliver up to 50% cost savings over fibre and legacy wireless technology. For more details visit: