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Celcite Launches Celcite SON 3.5 Self-Optimizing Network Solution

by david.nunes

Celcite Launches Celcite SON 3.5 Self-Optimizing Network Solution

Update to industry’s most advanced Centralized Self-Optimizing Network product introduces Responsibility Metrics and Accelerated Load Balancing

Herndon, VA, USA: October 1, 2013 – Celcite, the world’s most advanced and experienced provider of self-optimizing network / self-organizing network (SON) and automated network management solutions to mobile network operators, announced that is has launched Celcite SON 3.5. This update introduces advanced new features unavailable elsewhere, including Responsibility Metrics and Accelerated Load Balancing.

The new third-generation Celcite SON product is the mobile industry’s most complete Centralized SON (C-SON) product, providing SON support for all major equipment providers, including Ericsson, NSN, and Huawei, across both 3G and 4G. The newly-available Responsibility Metrics represent a fresh layer of intelligence built on Celcite SON, which drastically reduces the complexity of prioritizing network issues.

With Responsibility Metrics, network engineers can, for the first time, quickly and easily ascertain which cells are proportionately most responsible for network problems. This means that Celcite’s self-optimizing network system can automatically prioritize and handle the issues that will deliver the biggest improvements in network capacity and customer experience – or allow engineers to do so themselves in an “open-loop” set-up.

Celcite SON 3.5 also introduces Accelerated Load Balancing (ALB), which rapidly finds and addresses abnormal load situations within the network. The accelerated response time means that the network can now be corrected within minutes, circumventing any issues that could multiply with slower responses to the problem. The ALB function is even more powerful with Celcite SON 3.5’s increased scalability and speed, as multiple instances can now be handled on the same processor.

“The introduction of Celcite SON 3.5 represents an important leap forward for both Celcite and the SON community,” said Ajay Khanna, CTO and Executive Vice President of Engineering at Celcite. “With Celcite SON 3.5, Centralized SON has clearly reached a point of maturity with reliable SON coordination across multiple vendors and access technologies. Despite this, the innovations Celcite is introducing to the market are still pushing the boundaries, meaning that network reliability and capacity as well as customer experience will continue to improve.”

About Celcite Management Solutions:

Celcite Management Solutions is the world’s most advanced and experienced provider of self-organizing / self-optimizing network (SON) and network management solutions. Celcite is helping to transform network management and optimization processes through reliable, effective network automation technologies such as SON.

Celcite’s flexible, scalable, multi-vendor, multi-technology automation platform has quickly catapulted Celcite to recognized leadership in the industry. Celcite offers a centralized, intelligent OSS system that lies at the heart of Celcite’s self-optimizing network technologies, providing a wide variety of strategic capabilities – such as geo-location and intelligent automatic correlation systems – to reliably deliver network automation.

Some of the world’s largest mobile network operators, biggest megacities and most widely watched sports and cultural events are all being optimized by Celcite SON today. Celcite is helping over 20 operators spanning four continents to maximize network capacity and quality across almost 2 million cells today.

Video content:

Celcite’s CEO Rahul Sharma comments on self-optimizing network / self-organizing network (SON) industry trends: http://vimeo.com/66730927

Celcite’s multi-technology, multi-vendor self-optimizing network / self-organizing network (SON): http://vimeo.com/66730457

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