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Celistics appoints Chief Commercial officer to promote growth in Latin America

by david.nunes

Celistics appoints Chief Commercial officer to promote growth in Latin America

  • Juan María Gallego-Toledo will be the Chief Commercial Officer for Celistics in a territory that extends across 13 countries in Latin America
  • Juan María Gallego-Toledo has held several executive positions in the Finnish multinational Nokia

Miami, May 12th, 2011. – Celistics, a global company specializing in distribution logistics of mobile headsets and electronics announces the appointment of Juan Maria Gallego-Toledo as Chief Commercial Officer. The designation of Gallego-Toledo will spearhead the growth strategy for Celistics’ development of retail channels, physical and virtual, across Latin American markets.

As Chief Commercial Officer, Gallego-Toledo’s main objective will be to strengthen Celistics’ expansion efforts with the creation of new retail distribution channels. Gallego-Toledo will oversee new direct retail distribution models as well as monitoring product sales and services for mobile operators.

Gallego-Toledo brings to Celistics over 17 years of experience from Finland’s Nokia Inc. Gallego-Toledo began his career in Nokia Inc. as Director of Sales for Latin America in 1994 within the area of business development for mobile phones. In 2003 he joined Nokia Spain, where he served as Global Account Director of Telefónica Móviles.

Before his appointment in Celistics and since 2006, Juan Maria Gallego-Toledo accomplished his career as General Director of Telefónica for Nokia in Spain. In this position he led business development activities with a special focus on work processes and team building for the account of Telefónica in Latin America. In 2008 he assumed responsibility for the development and implementation of Nokia’s business strategy in China.

Gallego-Toledo has a bachelor along with four majors from Central Michigan University, a master in International Management from the University of Thunderbird (American Graduate School of International Management) and is obtaining a PhD from the University of Rockies in Colorado Springs. 


For further information about CELISTICS please contact:

Rosa Soto  (rosasoto@manews.us)


001 3054487393

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