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CellMax launches best performing multiband antenna platform

by david.nunes

CellMax Technologies launches world record multiband antenna platform

Stockholm, Sweden, May 21, 2013. CellMax Technologies, the Swedish innovator and supplier of ultra-high efficiency antennas for mobile networks, today announces the launch of the world’s best performing multiband antenna platform.

The first product to be released is aimed specifically at the North American market. It is the first in a series of record breaking multiband antennas based on the revolutionary patented low loss feed network technology from CellMax Technologies.

The new product is the highest performing multiband antenna on the market, offering 2-4 dB higher radiated power on the high band (1700-2200MHz) compared with antennas from other vendors.

This means that the data throughput and capacity will increase by 20-40 per cent, along with dramatically improved in-building coverage and about 50 per cent increase in geographical coverage. It also brings the production cost of a megabyte down dramatically compared with traditional antennas, and will improve the customer’s over-all experience significantly.

“This product clearly places CellMax Technologies in a new category with our customers, completing our portfolio, now able to address the entire available LTE spectrum from 698MHz to 2.7GHz,” said Torbjörn Kämpe, CEO of CellMax Technologies. “Our customers are challenged for capacity and coverage and this solution will provide a valuable tool to achieve just that, at a very low cost. We continue our company mission to provide operators the means to dramatically lower CAPEX, OPEX and reduce environmental impact when building mobile networks.”

CellMax’ revolutionary antenna technology virtually eliminates power losses within the antenna, leading to a dramatic improvement in the base stations’ transmission capacity. With higher signal strength, mobile operators can achieve a significant increase in geographical area coverage, improved indoor penetration, increased traffic, improved data throughput and reduced production costs per call – all without any increase in power consumption.

The new product will be available on the market from today, May 21, and can be purchased directly from CellMax Technologies.

About CellMax Technologies:

CellMax Technologies develops and markets ultra-high efficiency base station antennas for mobile networks. CellMax’s revolutionary antenna technology reduces the power losses within the antenna to close to zero, resulting in higher signal strength and a dramatic increase in geographical area coverage, improved indoor penetration, increased net traffic, improved data throughput and reduced production costs per call.

CellMax’s unique and patented antenna design is based on quasi waveguide technology with air as dielectric, which virtually eliminates power losses; Traditional antennas lose 20-60 percent power through the cables. With CellMax’s antennas, mobile operators can reduce the power consumption in their radio networks by up to 30 percent – or use the same amount of power to improve network performance.

Consumers benefit from a dramatic improvement of indoor coverage, radically improved data speed and capacity, fewer dropped calls, a significant improvement of battery power consumption in the handsets, etc.

CellMax’s customers include several of the world’s largest mobile operators and manufacturers of telecom equipment (e.g. T-Mobile, Huawei, Hutchison, NSN, and ZTE). CellMax antennas have been deployed all over the world and are in use on all six inhabited continents in the world. CellMax was founded in 2001 and has headquarters in Sweden with subsidiaries in the USA and Singapore. See http://www.cellmax.se.

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