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CELLSMART Partners with nPerf

by Anthony Weaver

to Test Local Wireless Network Performance Across the Globe

CELLSMART has launched its mobile app to capture wireless performance intelligence globally and provide an accurate view of real-world 5G performance

Cannes, France, 14 February 2023 – CELLSMART, the cellular intelligence division of SmartCIC, has launched its CELLSMART mobile app in partnership with nPerf, an innovator in internet speed testing. The free mobile app enables anyone across the globe to test their local wireless performance while capturing global intelligence on 4G and 5G performance. CELLSMART engineers are using the mobile app and its database of speed tests to provide service providers and enterprises insights into their best local wireless options.  

CELLSMART has already run 21,000 individual speed tests, spanning 11,000 unique locations in 70 countries. Each test is logged, mapped and used to advise organisations on local upload and download speeds and their suitability for use in fixed wireless access deployments. The launch of the mobile app opens testing capabilities to the public and enables anyone to get a snapshot of current wireless performance wherever they might be.

“The response to the CELLSMART Global Cellular Performance Survey back in May 2022 was tremendous. We’ve had conversations with Tier 1 carriers and enterprises who need this kind of intelligence and want to work together to develop their 5G roadmaps. We are capturing local intelligence on a global scale, which is critical for large-scale fixed wireless deployments,” said Toby Forman, CEO at SmartCIC. “The launch of the mobile app enables anyone anywhere to see how their network is performing while creating a global snapshot of local wireless infrastructure. There’s a multi-billion-dollar opportunity to capture in fixed wireless access and that begins with new intelligence.”

The CELLSMART Global Cellular Performance Survey presents out data captured in the speed tests and provides rankings of 5G upload and download speeds by country, metro area and mobile network operators as well as global analysis of the state of play in 5G deployments. The research sample showed that the global average 5G download speed between March and May 2022 was 241.61 Mbps while upload speeds were only 31.27 Mbps. Upload speeds only showed an increase of 55% over the 4G global average, while download speeds leapt by 330%.

“We’re excited to support CELLSMART’s global speed testing initiative and be part of powering its mobile app. The team at CELLSMART has already shown amazing results and the mobile app will only accelerate testing and make it easier for anyone to see the performance of their wireless networks,” said Renaud Keradec, President of nPerf. “Our mission is to help anyone to measure the quality of their internet connection and ensure that we’re delivering results with maximum accuracy. We’ve developed a testing model that goes beyond the basics and replicates how people use their internet connections.”

nPerf notes that a standard bitrate test is not sufficient when characterising the quality of an Internet connection. It developed a testing process that emulates the way a user surfs the web. nPerf is collecting several million tests and billions of mobile network coverage measures per year. The nPerf server network is made up of more than 2,600 servers worldwide with a total bandwidth of more than 12 Tb/s.

The app is available to download free on Android and iOS. Download it here: https://qrco.de/bdOLZe

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CELLSMART is powered by SmartCIC and has been designed to enable enterprise customers to rapidly roll out cellular solutions and benefit from new intelligence-driven deployments. It provides the end-to-end planning, network selection, routing and backhaul solutions, equipment deployment, management, monitoring and support for enterprise fixed wireless networks.

CELLSMART’s solutions are built using leading technology partners and supported by over 25,000 engineers in 200 countries around the world.


For further information on CELLSMART or SmartCIC, please contact:


About nPerf

nPerf is a high-tech company based in Lyon, France. For over 12 years, nPerf has specialized in fixed and mobile network optimization and analysis. We are dedicated to helping people assess their Internet connection and giving Internet service providers a better understanding of their networks. Every day, millions of people around the world trust nPerf by running a speed test. Combined, these tests create a comprehensive crowdsourced database. Our well-proven technology is used by telecommunication operators, ISPs, regulatory bodies, journalists, and private companies.

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