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Celltick helps MTS Ukraine expand Mobile Marketing services through LiveScreenR

by david.nunes


Celltick helps MTS Ukraine expand Mobile Marketing services through LiveScreen®



London, United Kingdom26th October 2011 – Celltick, the market leader in Mobile Home Screen Marketing, announced that following the signing of a fully outsourced managed services agreement for mobile marketing and advertising services with MTS Ukraine, the company sees an ever growing user base for the delivery of targeted content.


MTS Ukraine has been using Celltick’s renowned technology for a number of years to run a mobile marketing and advertising service branded ‘MTS Click’ directly to its subscriber base. The company recently decided to outsource the management and day to day running of the service completely over to Celltick. Celltick brings many years of successful mobile marketing experience to the table and is currently providing content aggregation, media planning, analysis, reporting and technology platform management services over its award winning portfolio of LivesScreen products and services.


“We are very pleased to see the success that MTS Click has created in the market and are working closely with MTS Ukraine to evolve this service to be a highly engaging experience for its consumers,” said Ronen Daniel, CEO of Celltick.


Ukraine consists of a wide diversity of different cultures, languages, dialects and social classes. Celltick ensures that the diverse needs of these consumers are closely met by providing regional content based on geo-targeting in either the Ukrainian or Russian language.


“The Celltick LiveScreen service delivers relevant mobile marketing and advertising directly to the mobile home screen of our consumers, regardless of handset type, and offers a high degree of interactivity” said Sergei Samokrik, Manager of New Product Department at MTS Ukraine. “We wish to address the needs of a growing market of segmented users with services which are in line with their lifestyles, and believe that Celltick provides effective services to achieve our objectives,” he continued.



About MTS Ukraine


‘MTS Ukraine’ is one of the largest wireless providers in Ukraine. Its network covers 98% of the territory of Ukraine and 99% of its population. MTS provides mobile services using the GSM-900/1800 and CDMA-450 standards, as well as fixed-line services to 18,89 mln subscribers. Revenue for 2010 amounted to 8.5 billion hryvnia. Its total investments into the country in 2004–2009 exceeded $3 billion. Investments were mainly directed at infrastructure and new technologies development. Among most popular innovative services provided exclusively are 3G wireless broadband internet, BlackBerry® mobile mail and convergent services based on combination of fixed and mobile technologies.    


‘MTS Ukraine’ is wholly-owned by Mobile TeleSystems OJSC, biggest telecommunications group in the CIS, Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Over 100 million subscribers in Armenia, Byelorussia, Russia, Ukraine and Uzbekistan give preference to MTS. Being one of the top 10 telecom companies in the world MTS became the first CIS brand included into Top 100 Global Brands rating, published by the Financial Times and Millward Brown, with a brand value over $9 billion (2009). Since 2000 MTS has been listed on the New York Stock Exchange and trades under the ticker MBT. 



About Celltick


Celltick is the world leader in mobile home screen marketing. For more than 11 years the company has been following its vision of turning the mobile home screen into a key space for content and brand promotion. During that time it has won multiple industry awards, grown dramatically and deployed its LiveScreen® solution for more than 50 major operators across 3 continents. Today it already reaches 160 million users worldwide and generates more than 200 million transactions each month. Celltick’s headquarters and R&D center are in Israel while the company is present in 20 countries and has subsidiaries in the United Kingdom, Russia, Brazil, Singapore and India.



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