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Cellular Asset Management Partners SpiderCloud Wireless to Provide a Complete In-Building Mobile Communications Solution to Mobile Operators

by david.nunes

Cellular Asset Management Partners SpiderCloud Wireless to Provide

a Complete In-Building Mobile Communications Solution to Mobile Operators

London, 28th May 2012: Cellular Asset Management is pleased to report the successful installation of a number of SpiderCloud small cell wireless systems on behalf of a leading mobile operator.

As a leading international supplier of in-building wireless coverage systems, Cellular Asset Management is at the forefront of technical developments within the field. CAM began fostering relationships with SpiderCloud in 2011 when they identified the potential of the Small-Cell Cluster Solution for rapid deployments in capacity driven Enterprise environments. Appreciating the synergies between the two companies, CAM became the first reseller of the SpiderCloud system in the world in late 2011.

SpiderCloud Wireless is a California technology company whose innovative small cell wireless systems allow mobile operators to rapidly deliver enhanced cellular coverage and additional network capacity inside buildings with the potential to deliver cloud based ‘smart’ applications in the near future. SpiderCloud’s technology is being embraced by mobile operators as an efficient and cost effective way to deliver future-ready mobile services in high profile locations. The Small-Cell Cluster Solution comprises two components – the Radio Node, a small wall or ceiling mounted 3G base station, and the Service Node, the on-site system controller to which all Radio Nodes aggregate and which provides the connection back to the operator’s core network.

With a proven track record of delivering system integrations into some of the world’s most challenging venues, Cellular Asset Management was the perfect choice to partner SpiderCloud on the delivery of the first commercial deployments of the small-cell cluster system in the UK. CAM has now successfully deployed the SpiderCloud system into a number of headquarter office buildings of large financial services companies in London and the Home Counties. CAM successfully managed the installation of the systems themselves, the required Ethernet backhaul and internal operator stakeholders to ensure the systems were delivered and integrated into the core network in record timescales. The installed systems have seen consistent data throughput and excellent Call Success Rates (CSR) well above the expected KPI.


Ron Pelley, Vice President and Managing Director Europe for SpiderCloud comments, “Cellular Asset Management has an extraordinary reputation in the field of in-building installations and this offers a high degree of reassurance to clients. CAM’s detailed understanding of the lead operator’s roll out processes has ensured that our product has been seamlessly deployed in often challenging environments and timeframes. It is a pleasure to partner Cellular Asset Management and we are proud to have jointly delivered such a high profile list of projects.”

“After years of working with the leading global mobile communications operators, Cellular Asset Management understands how even small details can make a big difference to our clients,” comments David Pearson, Cellular Asset Management’s Managing Director. “SpiderCloud’s technology is truly innovative and, combined with a comprehensive understanding of the requirements of mobile operators and the ability to fully scope the needs of individual locations, CAM has been able to deliver first class installations in an extremely efficient and ultimately cost-saving manner.”

About Cellular Asset Management

Cellular Asset Management is a leading provider of mobile phone, wireless and in-building solutions to some of the world’s largest telecommunications organisations and property owners with offices in the UK, Spain and Australia. Dedicated to helping clients understand the network landscape, delivering optimal coverage across client properties, representing global network providers, Cellular Asset Management has established a track record of delivering some of the most complex in-building projects in the market today.

About SpiderCloud

SpiderCloud Wireless develops breakthrough, small-cell network platforms that allow carriers to deliver unprecedented cellular coverage, capacity and smart applications to enterprises. SpiderCloud is based in Santa Clara, California and is backed by investors Charles River Ventures, Matrix Partners, Opus Capital and Shasta Ventures. For more information, please visit www.spidercloud.com.



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