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CertiVox and PKWARE Partner to Provide Enterprises with Easy-to-Use and Robust Data Security

by david.nunes

CertiVox and PKWARE Partner to Provide Enterprises with Easy-to-Use and Robust Data Security


New integrated, affordable software solution features cloud collaboration for painless key management


SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., and LONDON, UK, February 28, 2012 – CertiVox, an information security company, and PKWARE, the industry leader in data-centric security, today announced a strategic partnership that will provide an easy-to-use, affordable software solution to strongly encrypt data for secure information exchange. This new alternative will provide customers with simplified key management while keeping data secure in public, private, and hybrid clouds. 


The PKWARE SecureZIP security software is currently used by thousands of enterprises to achieve regulatory compliance and manage risks associated with data breaches. To implement the tightest security, these enterprises have also installed a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) system to create, manage, distribute, use, store and revoke digital certificates.


The new, integrated PKWARE and CertiVox SkyKey™ IaaS solution provides an alternative for organizations looking to minimize the cost and complexity associated with traditional PKI systems. Based on CertiVox’s proven cloud-based encryption key management system, this solution makes it easy for companies with limited financial, operational and IT resources to achieve compliance with regulations such as HIPAA/HITECH Act, PCI DSS and FIPS 140-2.


“Up until now, businesses concerned with securing their data had to invest in a key management system which involves significant operational and financial challenges,” explains V. Miller Newton, President and CEO of PKWARE. “Our partnership with CertiVox provides the most robust security without the need for additional hardware or software and enables organizations that do not have an established PKI to implement a certificateless cryptography-based data security solution.”


CertiVox CEO Brian Spector says combining CertiVox’s SkyKey IaaS encryption key management solution with the proven PKWARE SecureZIP software offers a “massively simplified” method of secure data exchange, even with external partners. “This partnership makes securing data easier than ever for individuals and across enterprises; a new approach that alleviates the burden on IT departments, end users and business partners to robustly secure critical data.”


For example, Spector explains, after just one authentication, all communications can be shared securely without the need for recipient pre-enrollment, passphrases, certificates or complex user workflows. The solution also takes the key management hassle out of meeting policies and regulations.


For complete details and availability, visit www.certivox.com or www.pkware.com.


About CertiVox

CertiVox develops and markets a certificateless encryption as a service platform that provides for management and provisioning of identities, encryption keys and cryptographic protocols that enable governments, enterprises and individuals to secure their information exchanges simply and easily. CertiVox has headquarters in San Francisco and London. For more information, visit www.CertiVox.com.



The PKWARE Solution is the only complete solution for reducing, securing, moving and storing data across the extended enterprise, both internally and externally, from mainframes to servers to desktops and into the cloud. PKWARE offers software solutions to critical IT problems, namely the explosive growth of data, the need to secure data, and the emergence of data in the cloud. PKWARE offers the only total solution for reducing and securing data in motion or at rest, so data can be securely moved or stored anywhere. The PKWARE Solution is used billions of times each day to manage risks associated with data security breaches while avoiding increased storage costs with data reduction of up to 95% and improving service delivery. PKWARE is a privately held company based in Milwaukee, WI with additional offices in New York, Ohio and the United Kingdom.



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