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CET Teleport Stays With The Leaders

by david.nunes

23 November 2010: The World Teleport Association (WTA) has just announced its annual rankings of the Top Teleport Operators of 2010 and CET Teleport was ranked 3rd in the Fast Twenty and 18th in the Independent Top Twenty categories.

The WTA publishes the only annual world rankings for commercial teleport operators, including independent operators, satellite carriers, fibre carriers and technology providers. Rankings are based on total revenue and year-on-year growth and with more than 1,800 teleports operating worldwide, a ranking in any top twenty category is impressive and a sign of world-class status.

In the words of Robert Bell of the WTA, “This is the third year in a row that CET Teleport appears on the Independent Top Twenty Operators list and on the Fast Twenty list of growing companies.  That’s an achievement for any teleport operator to be proud of.”

In commenting on the announcement, Ken Armstrong, CEO of CET Teleport, thanked Robert for his remarks and went on to say “We have worked hard to maintain our upward trajectory in an environment made difficult by satellite failures, capacity shortages and the effects of the worldwide recession. As a result, we believe that we enter 2011 well placed to capitalize on the extra bandwidth and better footprints that the planned satellite launches will deliver during the coming year.

It is always gratifying to have one`s hard work and achievements recognized by an organization with the reputation enjoyed by the WTA. Everyone in the company will be encouraged by our maintaining our place in the Lists and, I am certain, will do their utmost to ensure that when the 2011 Lists are published CET Teleport is again in a prominent position.“

About CET Teleport
CET Teleport GmbH is one of the largest European teleports offering a wide range of media broadcasting and corporate VSAT services.  It has extensive disaster recovery facilities, a 24/7 Help Desk and with over 50 antennas on site allows access to over 200 geostationary satellites located from 58°W to 76.5°E.

The Teleport currently provides a wide range of media broadcasting and corporate VSAT services and offers Direct-To-Home (DTH) Multiplexed services to suit the individual needs of various channel owners.

Access to BT’s Global Media Network (GMN) allows for the transmission of video enabled MPLS data and voice services. This considerably increases CET’s reach and flexibility by allowing access to a worldwide fibre network.

CET Teleport has direct fibre connectivity with both the BT Tower and Telehouse switching centres in London. MPLS IVNP protocol is used with ASI interfacing to offer resilient and adaptable transmission facilities. The STM fibre link is bi-directional and fully redundant.


For further information please contact:
Irina Petrov, Marketing Director, at irina.petrov@cetteleport.com

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