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Challenges and Solutions For a Wired India

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P. Sridhar ReddyIssue:India 2014
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Topic:Challenges and Solutions For a Wired India
Author:P. Sridhar Reddy
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Mr. P. Sridhar Reddy is a successful serial entrepreneur of technology and IT infrastructure business. He is the founder & CEO of Rs. 750 Crore (EV) Pioneer Group. Under his leadership the group has been growing at more than 100% CAGR over the past 15 years. Regarded as the thought leader in the datacenter industry, Sridhar is credited with launching first Tier IV datacenter in India. He has changed the DC (Data center) market landscape in India by building a datacenter which can guarantee the highest availability and least energy consumption. His strong belief in the philosophy of “total ownership for consistent value addition to clients” is strongly imbibed in CtrlS as its brand core.

Sridhar’s profound business philosophies resonate within CtrlS and the company draws greatly from his adroit leadership. He is the proud recipient of several such coveted recognitions as ‘Karmveer Purskar 2007’ awarded by ICONGO, ‘Rajiv Gandhi Shiromani’ by Global Economic Council, ‘Best Entrepreneur of the Year’ by ATA, ‘The Outstanding Entrepreneur of the Year-2010’ for Asia Pacific Region by APEA, and ‘CEO of the Year’ award by World Quality Congress in 2012.

Article abstract

As the opportunity of non-metro areas in India is opening up, serving the regions raises some serious issues. Services must be capable of supporting flexible growth and reliable communication at reasonable prices. Hosting infrastructure and storing data on the Cloud go a long way to resolve the issues. Such solutions instantly scale up or down to whatever is required, provide high availability and back-up, offer a wide range of OS and software environments, all with remote management, even virtual servers for economical capacity management.

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ICT players are at the forefront of the world’s fastest growing market. What they are doing is both inspiring and aspirational.

Banking services, management of financial portfolios, payments for essential services, access to any and latest information – we barely blink an eye before hitting the www for any of these. Mobiles have become the first point contact for most, data connections are the norm, and we rarely visit a physical bank or meet a service provider for our day-to-day activities. Quite naturally then, we take technology for granted.

What we forget is how the other half of our country lives – in tier 2 and tier 3 cities and in rural India, where the internet is still an intimidating place with too much information. The rural population of the country forms the new horizon for ICT companies that are looking to exploit the big opportunity in India, as this section of the country can be served only through an innovative and radical approach, which will make technology services cost effective, reliable and secure. A fresh approach to the technology architecture will be required, be it network compression software for poor bandwidth, efficient databases to handle large volumes, software application with a transaction based architecture, compression techniques for storing biometric information, new and affordable solution for securing the data and transactions, and multi-lingual support.
Even access to essential services, like credit or banking, is catered to by the informal sources. It is also widely accepted that education could use the boost that technology would provide, benefitting an entire generation of young Indians. Even trading in farming produce could benefit with the arrival of technology.
The challenges however are not just about providing the latest necessary technology, but its delivery and costs. The essence of the problem is apparent enough when you try to answer questions like:
• How do you enable farmers to make financially secure decisions with better accessibility?
• Can solutions like cloud computing be delivered at a fraction of the cost that currently exists?
• Can the Indian Information and Communication Technology (ICT) industry gear up to serve more than 40 million users?
However, things aren’t all bleak. The ICT sector in the burgeoning non-metro India is growing at an impressive rate. It is expected to hit a whopping USD 44.8 Billion in 2014 in India, as compared to USD 35.1 Billion in the US. Investments from Non Resident Indians (NRIs) and Persons of Indian Origin (PIOs) are pouring in and ICT players are taking on the challenge of reaching ever increasing number of customers with innovative solutions at wallet-friendly prices. With such backing, all the above problems and more can easily be addressed with some innovative solutions and products that are offered by datacenters.

Products for an Emerging Market
1. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
The largest and most important variable, infrastructure, is no longer about the physical infrastructure alone. IaaS eliminates the need for high CapEx and OpEx costs, while giving businesses the power to go live in very little time. It includes Cloud computing and instant access to infrastructure across several locations. Datacenters offer the option of using ‘MyCloud’ to upgrade or downgrade instantly as per user requirements. It also gives you the agility to pay as you go, manage multiple static IP addresses, increase storage at peak traffic or add excess capacity.

2. High availability
Businesses are more dependent than ever on uninterrupted web presence. Multiple web servers are needed for seamless switching, data mirrors, load balancing and zero downtime. In robust Tier 4 datacenters, data is not just mirrored in multiple locations, but it can also act as a backup to the primary site, if needed. .
3. Content delivery network
Communicate what you want, when you want, to whom you want. That is exactly what a smart content delivery network is all about. A highly flexible option of Orchestrated Digital Presence Management Platform, a cloud-based solution, is now available to scale your content to platforms, devices, video encoding and social media integration, as part of the innovative and instinctive mechanism.
4. Remote infrastructure management services
In a wired world, everything is managed remotely, so why not your IT infrastructure? Availability, 24×7 monitoring of server utilisation, problem shooting, upgrades and more require a robust remote management service. Not just that, a good datacenter also offers a comprehensive list of vendors, assets and resources to manage networks, servers, databases, backups, storage and security.
5. Virtual private server
A growing business need not have a dedicated rack or even a server. In an expanding market, you need the power to offer your services at the lowest price possible. For this, datacenters offer Virtual Private Servers. What it means is you get all the benefits and security of a multi-layered Tier 4 datacenter at a fraction of the costs. What’s more, with the range of customisation options available, VPS (virtual private server) can be up and running in a matter of days. Could you ask for more?
6. Cloud computing solutions
You have read and heard enough about how cloud computing is the way to go. Opt for cloud computing solution that lets you choose from many combinations of OS (Operating Systems)-, hardware, flexible packages and costing. They are all as easy as plug and play.


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