China’s Haier receives 2014 “Global Smart Home Appliance Brands Leadership Award” from World Influence Organization

BERLIN, Sept. 5, 2014 – Haier, a well-known Chinese home appliance manufacturer, was recently honored with the 2014 “Global Smart Home Appliance Brand Leadership Award” for its brand influence and good reputation in the global market, according to the latest survey of the global home appliance market by World Influence Organization.

As a world-renowned international non-profit academic organization, World Influence Organization has demanding selection and award criteria. The award Haier received is the most prestigious honor in the global smart home appliance sector.

In the era of internet, household makers worldwide have shifted to smart strategies at an accelerated pace. As a pioneer in smart home appliances, Haier launched the U+ system, the world’s first smart life platform that will have a game-changing impact on the industry. The system, through an open interface protocol, creates a connected world where the home appliance makers can connect with each other freely and without barriers, allowing for “dialogues” across smart household brands and products by enabling a variety of home appliance products and services to be connected with the system. Based on this system, Haier provides one-stop smart lifestyle solutions across five themes: air, water, entertainment, body care and food.  

Taking food for example, Haier’s U+ system-based smart refrigerator can memorize food materials and recommend a healthy menu to users according to their health status. A smart roaster quickly prepares foods that are best for the health of users by generating programmes that run automatically after receiving the instructions from them. After enjoying the meal, users just need to put the dishes into a smart dishwasher, which programmes itself automatically in accordance with the menu of the users and the amount of grease marks left on the dishes. 

The innovative U+ platform enables free communications between human beings and home appliances and among home appliances that break the bounds that exit among brands to allow smart products of any brand to connect with the system. To date, nearly 300 companies, including the world’s top-notch security firm Risco, Baidu Cloud, Tencent’s WeChat, Jingdong Mall and Huofar, have joined the U+ platform. As the exclusive Chinese partner of Apple in the smart home appliances sector, Haier has formed a partnership with HomeKit in terms of the development of the first SIRI air conditioner using the U+ platform. 

World Influence Organization judges believed that the U+ system-based smart home appliance ecosystem will have a big impact on the current landscape of the global household electrical appliance market while it will promote the leap-forward development of the smart home appliance sector.