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China’s First Mining Satellite, Co-designed and Developed by XCMG, CUMT and Skysight, Has Been Launched Lately

by Anthony Weaver

XCMG is leading the next revolution of mining machinery development with
cutting-edge equipment products and advanced workplace technology. The
X-Band, sun-synchronous satellite is a co-orbit, multi-means remote
sensing satellite constellation combining SAR, optical, and thermal
infrared with excellent performance and a long service life. It will be
applied in the fields of mine exploration and design, mining industry
development, intelligent mine operation, geological disaster early
warning, safe mining scheduling, mine site slope management,
comprehensive utilization of abandoned pits, and green mine

XCMG has participated in the full design and development process of CUMT
Nanhu and will be one of its future users. The satellite will enable
unified planning of personnel, vehicles, and sites to achieve integrated
dispatching, command platform visualization, and intelligent deployment,
which will improve the safety level, reduce operation costs, and lower
manual input. It will play a key role in constructing safe, intelligent,
green, and ecological mines.
“XCMG Mining Machinery focuses on the application of information
technologies, including the Internet of Vehicles, the Internet of
Things, cloud computing, and big data. We organically converge all
operation links from R&D and process, manufacturing and assembly,
equipment and application scenarios, market, sales, and services to
realize full-cycle management and establish a solid foundation of
digital infrastructures that is catalyzing the digital transformation of
the traditional manufacturing industries,” said Yang Dongsheng, CEO and
Chairman of XCMG.

While on the other side of the earth, XCMG’s super mining giant duo of a
400-ton electric hydraulic excavator XE4000E and a 260-ton dual-bridge
rigid mining truck XDE260 are working around the clock in an open-pit
mine in Ecuador, tackling the challenges of heavy workload, high dust,
and high intensity with ease and grace.

The super duo, which has broken industry monopolies, was first delivered
to mines in South America in 2021. The XE4000E is equipped with the
standard 22-meter rock bucket, that shovels 40 tons of ore each time,
while the XDE260 is a high-efficiency transport vehicle for mega mines
of over 10 million tons in scale. The pair can complete the stripping,
loading, and transportation of 40,000 tons of ore every day with a 97
percent attendance rate.
In July, 15 units of XCMG excavators, including XE490DK, 370CA, and
XE215C, set off to work in one of Phu Bia Mining’s gold mines in Laos, a
site that has a proven reserve of 1 million ounces of gold and 5 million
ounces of silver.

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