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ChipSiP Realizes Ubiquitous, Wireless Sharing by SiP System Integration

by david.nunes

ChipSiP Realizes Ubiquitous, Wireless Sharing by SiP System Integration

“Start Sharing from Smart Home”

TAIPEI, Taiwan, June 6, 2013 – ChipSiP Technology Co, Ltd. (Taiwan: 3637), the leading company in turnkey SiP (System in Package) solutions, features “Start Sharing from Smart Home” at Computex Taipei 2013. George Tai, President of ChipSiP, pinpointed, “The convenience of smartphones has significantly impacted many people’s daily life, now the trend moves to families and homes, and is converting a house to a ‘smart’ home. The smart home concept, with SiP advantages in miniaturization and integration, has realized the ‘real time’ and ‘mobile’ information access and sharing.”

“Portable devices have been shaping the new life style of being connected anytime, anywhere. It has extensively brought out the demand of smarter home. More and more people would love to remotely monitor and control their home appliances through handheld devices such as smart phones, tablets. ChipSiP has spotted the trend and takes its advantages of the high integration of SiP technology that it introduces the ‘smart home solutions’ at 2013 Computex,” continued George Tai. Via Home Cloud Server, Smart TV Dongle, Smart Receiver, WLAN Storage, Wi-Fi Cam, Wi-Fi Lighting and so on applications, a smart home will be realized in one finger away.

With ChipSiP’s focus on providing household electronics and mobile devices an easy way of interconnection, the family member could enjoy the convenience of immediate information sharing. The ChipSiP home cloud server solution is designed to serve as the hub of a smart home to fulfill demands of real-time communications, such as media sharing and storage, live home surveillance monitor and files backup and auto control of home appliances via mobile devices from anywhere in the house or on the go.

ChipSiP Smart Home Solutions:

  • Home Cloud Sever
    A smart home center enables you to access, store and share files anytime, anywhere.
  • Smart TV Dongle
    Turn your HDTV into a smart TV, enabling you to enjoy web surfing, Android functions and multimedia streaming via DLNA and Wi-Fi Miracast.
  • Smart Receiver
    Wireless screen sharing to HDMI-enabled screen from smartphones, tablets and personal computers via Miracast.
  • WLAN Storage
    Provides mobile devices extra capacity and access & transmit files via Wi-Fi.
  • Wi-Fi Cam
    Monitor your home in H.264 video streaming from anywhere.
  • Wi-Fi Lighting
    Remotely schedule or turn on/off your home lighting through mobile devices.

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