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ChipSiP Unveils an Android Smart Glass Solution with SiP Integration Technology

by david.nunes

ChipSiP Unveils an Android Smart Glass Solution with SiP Integration Technology

TAIPEI, Taiwan, Oct. 14, 2013 – ChipSiP Technology Co, Ltd. (Taiwan: 3637), the leading company in turnkey System in Package (SiP) solutions, launched its new product “Smart Glass” solution, the world’s first HD resolution near-eye display with Android platform. The Smart Glass features live video recording and delivering, Android 4.2 environment and mirroring of smart phone screen at the glass.

George Tai, President of ChipSiP, said, “The Smart Glass solution is powered by integrated 5-in-1 system SiP (a dual-core 1.5 GHz ARM based application processor, 2 units of DDR3L and 2 units of NAND), 720p near-eye display, wireless, GPS, 9-axis sensor, camera and microphone in a very small space. ChipSiP brings the miniaturization value for smart glasses to optimize wearable convenience. Through advances in SiP technology, the Smart Glass has made it enjoyable for users to share their visual world in real-time and get information with free hands in everyone’s daily life.”

To meet the future trend of wearable technology, ChipSiP “Smart Glass” solution is driving a full-service, smart image life to be realized by using miniaturization process design. With the standalone Android platform, the Smart Glass allows users to download their favorite apps now, and software developers can instantly use the standard platform to create new applications without relying on a new development environment. The solution provides instant access to information anytime, anywhere through any cloud service. Moreover, with WiFi Miracast support, the Smart Glass can turn into the second screen of your mobile device, and mirror the screen content from your smartphone or tablet to near-eye display in touchable operation.

The SiP configuration “Smart Glass” solution offers superior flexible feature both in product appearance and application for ODM and system integrators. For exterior design, the device can not only place on your glasses frame but also be incorporated into a new design for a specific purpose. As application design, the core design platform is ideal to include new functions for extended applications, such as sport glass for skiing, specialized fields for firefighters or soldiers.

ChipSiP miniaturization technology helps smart glass system designers shorten the development cycle and shift their focus on software innovation. Also, the smart connection allows users to enjoy a head-up life with the true hands-free smart glass.

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