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Cisco Borderless Networks Enable Innovative Service for Romanian Skiers

by david.nunes

Cisco Borderless Networks Enable Innovative Service for Romanian Skiers

Internet of Everything Turned Into Reality: Romanian Startup i-Rewind Connects Cameras Along a Ski Slope and Provides Instantaneous Video Clips for Skiers

BUCHAREST, Romania – March 25, 2013 – The Romanian startup i-Rewind introduced an innovative service for skiers, enabled by the Cisco® Borderless Network Architecture. The i-rewind solution, named after the company, was developed by a team of Romanian software engineers in cooperation with local Cisco Premier Certified Partner Bittnet Systems.

It is a hardware and software solution combined with a smartphone app that allows sport enthusiasts to capture their performance on video whilst on the ski slopes and provides them with multiangle HD recordings directly on their smartphones. A high-speed fibre-optic network connects cameras, switches, routers, servers and wireless access points, with the entire infrastructure based on the Cisco Borderless Network Architecture. The solution has been active since December 2012 on a ski slope in the Carpathian ski resort of Predeal in Romania.

Key Facts / Highlights

  • How does i-rewind work? When users start the free i-rewind app on their smartphones, the system identifies and tracks them via GPS. Video cameras along the slopes are capturing identified users from multiple angles. Skiers can download their personal, edited HD video files as soon as they arrive at the end of the slope. Alternatively, they can also access the files from the app for a period of two weeks, either via a 3G or wireless connection. The recordings can be used to analyse skiing techniques or can be shared with friends. The system can also be used by trainers or parents who would like to track their kids on the slopes.
  • The infrastructure is designed based on the Cisco Borderless Network Architecture. Three Cisco Catalyst® 2960 Series Switches with Power over Ethernet (PoE) functionality are placed along the slope, connecting the cameras to the server. Four Cisco Aironet® 1552 Outdoor Access Points are located in the arrival area and provide wireless access for visitors. These access points are based on the 802.11n standard and are designed to create a self-healing and self-optimizing wireless network that mitigates the impact of wireless interference. The solution is completed by a Cisco 1921 Integrated Services Router and a next-generation, energy-efficient Cisco Catalyst 3560 Series switch that connects the onsite cameras, the router and the server.
  • To provide a great experience for the end user, the network needs to transfer large data quantities in real time. A descent takes on average under one minute. During this time, each camera feeds HD video content via the network to the central server, which collects, processes and edits a video by the time the skier reaches the end of the slope. Cisco technology helps enable this advanced video experience with no delays and at high quality.
  • The installed solution is robust and able to support large variations in temperature and weather conditions, and allows for high scalability.

Supporting quotes:

  • Bogdan Manoiu, founder, i-rewind:

I-rewind is essentially an idea ‘whose time has come’. Based on the first experiences from the winter season, we already know how enthusiastic and comfortable users are with this new experience. They can easily obtain quality videos of their descent on the mobile phone, ready for distribution on social media channels or later reviews on HD screens. Skiers discovered that i-rewind is better or at least complementary to other amateur video sources and solutions, from helmet mounted cams to footage shot by their friends: there are no disturbing elements such as camera movement and no need for subsequent editing. Add the ease of use and the low cost and you have a winner. We have excellent feedback from slope owners and other interested parties. They rightly perceived i-rewind as a healthy source of revenue and advertising channel. Definitely a new market vibe they want to be part of. i-rewind is prepared to deploy this service internationally as of the autumn of 2013 and we’re working at a fast pace to develop similar solutions to a wide array other sports, such as tennis, running, cycling or soccer, to name just a few.”

  • Cristian Popescu, general manager, Cisco Romania

„With 99 percent of things in the physical world still unconnected, the upcoming Internet of Everything trend bears great potential. I-Rewind’s solution is a great example of the network becoming the foundation of innovation and new, creative services.”

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About i-Rewind

i-rewind is an IT start-up company that has patented and developed a hardware and software solution combined with a smartphone app that captures sport, public and private performances on video and delivers the footage on smartphones and social networks.

The team members have an outstanding IT pedigree that ranges from pioneering projects with historic experiments in online video streaming in the 90s, to recent online community building for global brands, and entrepreneurial success in building major tech companies. The company website is www.irewind.com.

About Bittnet Systems

Bittnet Systems is a young and dynamic company that adapts quickly to customer needs. The main activity is sharing knowledge. Be it consulting and implementing solutions for voice and data communications or IT training, the team is well suited to help its partners and bring them added value. More details can be found on: www.bittnetsystems.ro.

About Cisco

Cisco (NASDAQ: CSCO) is the worldwide leader in IT that helps companies seize the opportunities of tomorrow by proving that amazing things can happen when you connect the previously unconnected. For ongoing news, please go to http://thenetwork.cisco.com . Cisco equipment in Europe is provided by Cisco Systems International B.V. and Cisco International Limited, wholly owned subsidiaries of Cisco Systems, Inc.

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