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Cisco Cius is Implemented at Gas Station of the Future in Brazil

by david.nunes

Cisco Cius is Implemented at Gas Station of the Future in Brazil

The first Petrobras Gas Station of the Future is a collection of the latest interactive technologies, capable of providing a customized experience when refueling, shopping and enjoying other retail services at the gas stations. The Gas Station of the Future is unique in Brazil for its energy efficiency and environmental sustainability.

Consumers can approach a Cius in a kiosk of the gas station and talk to specialists from Petrobras Distribuidora, in real-time via mobile TelePresence. This allows the customer to obtain information on maintenance activities offered by the gas station, such as oil changes. Cius also offers users voice access to the Petrobras Distribuidora customer service center, permits use of the company loyalty card, allows users to obtain information on the store product catalog and monthly promotions, provides access to maps of specific addresses in the city and other services.

“The Cius platform offers mobility and a number of features simultaneously. I’m sure that this device will be a success in all Gas Stations of the Future,” said Nelson Costa Cardoso, executive manager of Information Technology, Petrobras Distribuidora.

The Gas Station of the Future project demonstrates the role of technology in increasing service interactivity to create a new experience for consumers. By including mobile devices like the Cisco Cius in this project, Petrobras Distribuidora is consolidating its reputation as a Brazilian pioneer, mirroring other global market leaders which have adopted this type of equipment to provide their customers with faster, more secure and better quality services,” said Rodrigo Abreu, CEO, Cisco in Brazil.

Ultraportable and weighing just 520 g, the Cius includes a host of Cisco collaboration applications on a highly secure mobile platform. In addition to full TelePresence interoperability, Cisco Cius also offers streaming HD video, conferencing with several participants, e-mail access, instant messaging, Internet browsing and the ability to produce, edit and share content stored locally or in the cloud.

Based on an Android operating system with enterprise-grade security from Cisco, Cius is an open communication and collaboration platform whose form factor and applications were designed to provide corporate users with more secure real-time connections and the ability to access and share content they need from any network location. A major point of differentiation of the device is the centralized corporate management platform, ensuring that the services used are more consistent and secure while offering a more flexible method of technology management.

In addition to the Cius, the Cisco project for the Gas Station of the Future also includes the entire data center and network infrastructure, needed to provide users with differentiated, robust and high quality services. The project also provides the gas station with sustainable environmental management.

“This gas station has put together some integrated and interactive technologies. Other solutions are being evaluating for testing here, where they are evaluated as a gas station-concept, working as a showroom of new technologies”, explained Cardoso.

Petrobras Distribuidora 

The largest company on the Brazilian market for distribution of oil and biofuel derivatives, Petrobras Distribuidora currently has over 7000 branded service stations throughout the country as well as around 10,000 clients in industries such as aviation, asphalt, chemical products, energy and transportation solutions, selling a wide range of products and services. For more information, visit www.br.com.br.

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