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Cisco Technology Responsible to Deploy Infrastructure for Mexico Conectado

by david.nunes

Cisco Technology Responsible to Deploy Infrastructure for Mexico Conectado

Over 22,000 sites nationwide will be based on Cisco Meraki

Mexico City,  January 13, 2015. – The leading Cloud Networking Solution, Cisco® Meraki, will be used to offer Internet connectivity under Mexico Conectado, a program developed by the Mexican federal government to offer broadband connectivity to population in public areas.

Mexico Conectado looks for the deployment of telecom networks to offer broadband connectivity in sites such as schools, health centers, libraries community centers, and parks that represent about 250,000 public areas nationwide. The program aims to achieve the goals set out in the Constitutional Reform in Telecommunications, the National Development Plan, the Program for a Modern and Nearby Government, and the National Digital Strategy, which mandate access to the Internet to all Mexicans.

Cisco Meraki is a cloud-based architecture that offers customers Wi-Fi, switching, security, and mobile device administration centrally managed. It is built on intelligent software and rich cloud-based services, simplifying customers’ day-to-day operations and enabling the adoption of new applications and devices. The platform has operational and deployment advantages lowering the total cost of ownership (TCO) allowing the customer to gather key information and analytics to understand the use and exploitation of the connectivity service.

“Networking technology plays a key role in helping to solve most critical challenges in Mexico, to develop new opportunities for economic growth, create new jobs, and foster social inclusion”, said Rogelio Velasco, Vice President of Cisco Mexico. “The opportunity to participate in Mexico Conectado ‑ by connecting the unconnected ‑ will allow us to support the country in their effort to increase connectivity, thus the use and adoption of Information Technologies that will have a very positive impact on population.”

The deployment of the solution will be done through the service providers responsible for supplying the service directly to the Mexican federal government.

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