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Cisco to Present Latest Research on How Social Media, Devices Are Impacting IT Policies and Employer Approaches to Workplace Flexibility

by david.nunes

Internet TV Broadcast Provides Insight Into How Consumer and Mobility Trends in the Workplace Can Cause Workers to Challenge Corporate IT Policies

SAN JOSE, Calif. – Nov. 4, 2010 – Cisco will host a live Internet TV broadcast and Q-and-A session on Monday to announce Part II findings from the Cisco Connected World Report, a global research effort involving more than 2,600 workers and information technology professionals from a variety of industries in 13 countries. The latest set of results from the study, which reveals the expectations and behavior of workers in accessing information anywhere, anytime, with any device, will examine the challenges IT organizations face as social media, device proliferation, and new communication tools like video take precedence inside and outside of the workplace and test the limits of corporate policies and risk management.

Part I findings, issued last month, examined the desire of workers to access corporate networks, applications, and information anywhere at any time with virtually any device. (See press release.)

Part II of the report findings build on that end-user desire to reveal how real-life trends like social media, video, and increasing numbers of consumer devices in the workplace are causing many employees around the world to question the relevance of corporate IT policies and break them with more regularity.

Among the questions that will be addressed by the findings:
How many companies have corporate IT policies?
How many workers are aware of their company’s IT policies?
If workers are aware of company policies, do they adhere to them?
What causes employees to break corporate IT policies?
Do workers think IT policies reflect today’s real-world needs with regard to device usage, mobility and work flexibility?
How many IT workers think employees don’t understand security concerns?
What percentage of employees around the world are restricted from using Facebook and Twitter while at work?
To what degree is the use of personal devices restricted at work? Conversely, how many businesses allow company-issued devices to be used for personal activities?
How pervasive is video communication in the workplace today? How is this expected to change?
Do employees respect IT?
What are the differences in attitudes across cultures? For example, how do workers and IT perspectives differ in the United States, Brazil and China, or between France and Australia?

The broadcast includes three panelists:
Marie Hattar, vice president, Borderless Networks, Cisco
Ray Smets, vice president and general manager, wireless networking business unit, Cisco
Nasrin Rezai, senior director, Global Information Security, Cisco

“Cisco recently released survey results showing today, more than ever, the global workforce is demanding flexibility and mobility. The second installment of our Connected World Report really brings to light how important access to information is — whether it’s for work-related or personal use, the ability to be productive and socially network anytime is a game-changer for many IT departments,” said Marie Hattar, vice president, Borderless Networks, Cisco. “In this installment, we’ll turn the magnifying glass on how real-life trends like social media, video and the increasing number of consumer devices in the workplace are testing and impacting the employee-IT relationship.”

When: Monday, Nov. 8, 8-9 a.m. Pacific

Where: Go to www.ustream.tv/ciscotv.

Registration is not required to watch the event; however, attendees who may want to ask a question during the broadcast must register for a Ustream account to have access to “chat” during the show. Register for an account any time prior to the event at http://www.ustream.tv/login-signup?ref=%2Fdashboard

A replay of the show will also be available after the broadcast at the same link, www.ustream.tv/ciscotv

Interviews: To schedule press interviews after the broadcast, please contact Neil Wu Becker at nebecker@cisco.com

To schedule analyst interviews after the broadcast, please contact Sarita Kincaid at skincaid@cisco.com

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