New Broadband Processing Engine Helps Operators Boost Broadband Speeds, Furthers Transition to Video Over DOCSIS

SAN JOSE, Calif., Oct. 20, 2010 – Cisco announced today the availability of its uBR-MC3GX60V (3G60) Broadband Processing Engine, a new high-density, cost-effective line card for Cisco’s flagship uBR10012 Universal Broadband Router and Cable Modem Termination System, the cable industry’s leading CMTS platform. An important component of Cisco’s complete DOCSIS® 3.0 solution, the highly scalable 3G60 line card is ideal for Internet Protocol video services as it accelerates the transition to an all-IP network that can simplify the delivery of content to televisions, personal computers and mobile devices.

Cisco is working with several major global service provider customers, including Comcast, Cox Communications and others, to test the new 3G60 line card.

With this new technology, cable operators can deliver 10 times the performance, at one-tenth the cost that current DOCSIS 2.0 solutions can. Designed as a modular CMTS solution, the 3G60 will help cable operators use universal-edge quadrature amplitude modulation, or QAM, products with more channels per port, lowering the cost and environmental overhead for all services.
Highlights/Key Facts:
The new Cisco uBR-MC3GX60V Broadband Processing Engine provides 72 downstream and 60 upstream channels with full DOCSIS 3.0 capabilities per module to boost overall bandwidth capacity and alleviate high-traffic network pressures.
The upstream and downstream channels on the 3G60 can be provisioned via software licensing, and customers can install the card and pay only for the channels they use.
Compared with the Cisco DOCSIS 2.0 solution with the uBR-MC5X20H line card, the downstream channel capacity has increased 10-fold, and the upstream channel capacity has increased threefold, per line card.
Using the 3G60, a single uBR10012 can support up to 576 downstream and 480 upstream channels per chassis. This is the highest CMTS capacity and density in the industry.
The 3G60 supports DOCSIS 3.0 downstream channel bonding of up to 24 channels, allowing downstream speeds approaching 1.0 gigabit per second.
The uBR10012 together with the 3G60 line card supports the full set of DOCSIS 3.0 features at scale, including IPv6, and supports advanced features such as dynamic bandwidth sharing. Cable operators can rest assured that the CMTS solutions they purchase today will support large-scale IP video services and enable the migration to an all-IP network in the near future.
Supporting Quotes:

John Schanz, executive vice president, National Engineering & Technology Operations, Comcast Cable:

“The Cisco 3G60 line card is a strong solution for scaling our installed base of Cisco CMTS equipment, enabling us to deliver new services with faster speeds to keep pace with the demands of our customers. When used together with high-density universal edge QAMs, Cisco technology is expected to help us meet the key objectives of our Converged Multi-Service Application Platform (CMAP) initiative.”

Jay Rolls, senior vice president of engineering, Cox Communications:

“Cisco’s new 3G60 line card will help us enhance overall network capacity, efficiency and quality of experience for our customers by allowing us to support downstream and upstream channel bonding at a DOCSIS 3.0 line rate. This is critical as we work to roll out increased high-speed data services at the pace of increasing consumer demand.”

Mark Palazzo, vice president and general manager, Cable Access Business Unit Cisco:

“As cable operators are working to support more content choices on more devices, it is critical to be able to offer a personalized consumer experience that includes both managed and unmanaged services. With new IP technologies like the 3G60 line card, we are enabling service providers to rapidly deliver enhanced interactive services and make a seamless transition to an all-IP network, while helping to preserve the capital investments they have already made.”

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