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CITEL’s Role: Looking Forward

by david.nunes
Roberto BloisIssue:Latin America I 1998
Article no.:13
Topic:CITEL’s Role: Looking Forward
Author:Roberto Blois
Title:Executive Secretary
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The recent CITEL’s assembly noted that it has come a long way, and the most fascinating aspect of its operation has been the inclusion and rapid growth of the private sector as associate members. CITEL remains as the principal forum in the Americas where the governments and the private sector work together. This article highlights some of the specific initiatives directed towards activities that will escalate its visibility throughout the region, boost its effectiveness, and increase the relevance of its work to its members.

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The Second Regular Assembly of the Inter-American Telecommunication Commission (CITEL), an entity of the Organization of American States (OAS), met during the first week of March. The Assembly took advantage of this opportunity to review the past 4 years in order to measure the numerous accomplishments and changes that have occured in the programme of activities and in the composition of the Commission. The Assembly noted that CITEL has come a long way since its first Assembly in 1994, and that the most fascinating aspect of CITEL’s operation has been the inclusion of private sector associate members and the rapid growth in their numbers (to approximately 200).

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