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Cities of Moscow and Sochi enjoy unmatched mobile voice quality

by david.nunes

Cities of Moscow and Sochi enjoy unmatched mobile voice quality

MegaFon, Nokia Siemens Networks launch world’s first commercial HD voice GSM network

Subscribers of MegaFon can now enjoy crystal clear voice call quality and an enhanced overall communications experience. The operator now provides High Definition voice services on its Moscow and Sochi GSM and UMTS networks. As the key supplier of core and access networks to MegaFon, Nokia Siemens Networks was responsible for the HD voice implementation, which is also a world first for a commercial GSM network.

“The main advantage of HD Voice communication is the impression of a live, emotional talk between people. HD Voice users can forget about ‘robotic voice’: they will hear their relatives, loved ones, friends or business partners exactly like in a live talk – with all nuances, hues and tones of speech,” said Igor Akulinin, first deputy director of MegaFon-Moscow. “For MegaFon the HD Voice Project is another example of implementing innovative services which open up new, previously unavailable opportunities for our subscribers.”

“Russia is a highly competitive market environment, making the introduction of new features and services a must to remain profitable and maintain leadership,” added Alexey Podryabinnikov, head of the MegaFon team at Nokia Siemens Networks. “MegaFon has always differentiated itself from the competition, and the introduction of HD voice is another step in this direction. HD voice highlights our relentless search for innovations to improve the customer experience and complements our work on smarter GSM networks.”

Nokia Siemens Networks’ HD voice is based on Adaptive Multi-Rate Wide Band technology* (AMR-WB) that provides service continuation between GSM and UMTS networks, and supports Megafon’s networks.

About MegaFon

OJSC MegaFon is the all-Russian universal communications operator running its business in all segments of the telecommunications market. MegaFon was established in May 2002. MegaFon became the first and the only operator with a network covering all regions of Russia. The Company and its subsidiaries have all the required licenses and operate in all the Russian regions and the Republic of Abkhazia, South Ossetia and Tajikistan. MegaFon was the first in Russia to launch 3G for commercial operations and is currently Top 1 in the segment of mobile Internet, and Top 2 as to the number of active subscribers in Russia.

Having acquired Synterra Group of Companies, one of the leading Russian backbone operators, in June 2010, MegaFon entered the market of fixed-line communication for government and corporate customers as well as fixed Broadband market. The combined infrastructure of MegaFon and Synterra is present in all the Russian regions, forming the basis for GSM 900/1800, 3G, VSAT, IP/MPLS, NLD/ILD networks, data and call centers connected to all players of telecommunication market.

In 2009, MegaFon became the General Partner of the XXII Winter Olympic Games and XI Paralympic Games in 2014 in Sochi.

As of June 30, 2010, the principal shareholders of MegaFon are companies of AF Telecom Holding group, the TeliaSonera group and Altimo telecommunications holding.

About Nokia Siemens Networks

Nokia Siemens Networks is a leading global enabler of telecommunications services. With its focus on innovation and sustainability, the company provides a complete portfolio of mobile, fixed and converged network technology, as well as professional services including consultancy and systems integration, deployment, maintenance and managed services. It is one of the largest telecommunications hardware, software and professional services companies in the world. Operating in 150 countries, its headquarters are in Espoo, Finland. www.nokiasiemensnetworks.com

Talk about Nokia Siemens Networks’ news at http://blogs.nokiasiemensnetworks.comand find out if your country is exploiting the full potential of connectivity at www.connectivityscorecard.org

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Notes to editors

* Wideband AMR (Adaptive Multi-Rate) technology uses speech compression techniques to enhance audio bandwidth and provide a highly improved sound quality. HD Voice offers a significant improvement in the audio quality of voice calls. The reason for this is similar to a transition from an AM radio receiver to a near CD-quality sound. This is done by using new audio codec technology that allows transmission of a much wider speech audio bandwidth usage of 50-7000 Hz compared to the current bandwidth of basic service (300-3400 Hz). It transmits frequencies used in voice calls clearer than before and eliminates background noise to a large extent. As a result, the sound is much clearer, including a feeling of presence and transparency, providing a new level of user experience in voice service.

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